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    Declaring past refusal

    You can address all this in you covering letter as that’s the first thing the visa officer goes threw do address all the concerns he had in your last application which you have answered in your new application regarding funds tieup income travel history etc
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    Visitor Visa Rejected

    Order for your gcms notes
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    Visitor Visa Rejected

    Best of luck
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    Visitor Visa Rejected

    According to my view you should not complicate it too much attach an invitation from your brother mention that as there is a reception in those days which you like to Attend as well and do present an iternary with some tourist places to be visit and if possible a hotel booking Make your...
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    Visitor Visa Rejected

    Hotel details yes Proper iternary yes Doctor appointment ( no idea ) Strong financial ties. Ppf Lic Fd Any account concerned to you or you family having good transaction with money Property papers Shares holding Mutual funds As you have got a rejection once try to address all the concerns...
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    Visitor Visa Rejected

    Yes you can mention about your business and your duties but be short better type the letter on your business letter head and attach you business ITR as well No difference between now or jan 2 weak and for your information normal application time right now is less than 30 days usually it’s...
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    Visit visa foe canada

    100 can dollar till 31 dec. biometric charges will be additional
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    Visitor Visa Rejected

    Better apply before 31st as you will save in cost n a process of biometric Once again make a proper covering letter Requesting for a can plus process if possible but in the first line Add as many as financial and ties to India with your application as the Vo will refer to your previous...
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    Visitor Visa Rejected

    You should apply a paper visa under can plus category don’t forget to mention it on covering letter with a strong covering letter mentioning your previous Canada visits with your us visa details and your plans in Canada and do mention your concern of being rejected in last visa application...
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    Quarry regarding visitor visa

    Go n link your application to Cic website you will get the exact details there
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    Can Some one clarify what is Can Plus visa ? and how to process the same ?

    Yes India is one of the countries where they have can plus option
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    Parents TRV, Information about Mycic Account.. Plz Help!

    I will suggest you better go for an paper visa and you can mention that the expenses will be born by your father in the covering letter which will be signed by him you can attach your documents like your bank statement n tax retern as well in the paper visa application to support them if they...
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    Can Some one clarify what is Can Plus visa ? and how to process the same ?

    I got my parents visa processed from New Delhi under Can plus in 7 days and yes I had mentioned it on the covering letter as well
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    Looking for suggestions for a law firm in Vancouver for Bc Enterprenure pnp

    Hi friends I am looking for suggestions for Law firms who have a experience of handeling BC entrepreneur pnp and if any one who has chosen this path way can share his rewiews and suggestions as well Thanks