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    Adding spouse after AOR

    It took them a few days, within 1 week to respond with the instructions. You should probably just submit the documents listed in other posts within this thread, use the Webform for this.
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    CEC eligibility.

    Just apply once you have completed the 52 weeks (1-year)... It should be a few weeks only. You could apply earlier and many people have done so successfully but you also risk being correctly rejected for applying before actually being eligible. You are ultimately responsible for ensuring you...
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    Is this Fake or Real ?

    come on, do you even have to ask? --->>FAKE <<---
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    Work experience less than 1560 hours

    You must have worked for at least 1560 hours over a period of 52 weeks (1 year) or more. Only 30 hours or less are counted for each week. Hence, each week you have worked more than 30 hours will only add 30 hours to your hour count. NO, you cannot apply with just 1291 hours, you are not...
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    Changing Employer after Application Submission

    You would have to update your application, or have a new LMIA ready when you decide to make the switch. But you shouldn't have any time in between where you are not eligible. I'm pretty sure they will perform a background check on this for sure. It is not stated anywhere explicitly, but it's...
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    Changing Employer after Application Submission

    You are aware that LMIA take fairly long right? If you're lucky enough to find a employer willing to go that way.
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    Proof of Fund for CEC applicant

    You can put 0 as CEC candidates don't require any funds. If you put any other value, you will be asked to provide some document. In this case you can upload brief letter stating this is not a requirement for you being a CEC applicant, or you can also submit actual proof. Regardless, this has...
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    Change of Contact Person for my Employment Reference Letter

    Don't worry, this is something out of your control and something you should not be aware of. If they decide to call, they should be able to get a hold of someone else. I would not really worry too much.
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    Travelling to home country while PR application is in Progress - AOR

    You'll need it to be issued after the last time you've been there for 6 months or more. If you leave for a couple months, you won't need a new one. If you leave for more than 6 months you will need a new one if you have not applied yet. If you already applied and leaver for 6 months or longer...
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    CEC inland with Spouse inland but Non-accompanying

    No, implied status is gained when you are an applicant for PR, not when you are being sponsored. She could likely stay as a visitor if you go are able to obtain a visa... Yes it should be about a year, but it could easily be 2. There is no way to know but you should be ready for the longest...
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    CEC inland with Spouse inland but Non-accompanying

    Unless there is a condition in her WP stating that it becomes invalid once your WP does as well. Otherwise, her WP is valid until its expiration date. She can stay until her status expires in Canada. Extension most likely not unless she meets the conditions for it, which I doubt. Visitor visa...
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    How to reach Canada for job

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    You don't need to check that with anyone in the forum, it is usually about 6 months but it varies widely. So, no way to know... it could be a couple of months or over a year... all you can do is wait now