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    Failed the Citizenship Test - Twice :(

    Thank you so much for your detailed input :)
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    Failed the Citizenship Test - Twice :(

    Hi everyone, I applied for citizenship for myself, my wife and child (8 years old) in December 2017 together (application sent in 1 envelope) and at the 1st written citizenship test, I passed the test but my wife failed the test. The CIC official during our interview after the test told us that...
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    Toronto (GTA) Networking

    Hello everyone. First I would like to congratulate TooCareless1 for doing such a good job by helping others. Its just been a year that I came to Toronto and boy things certainly are quite tough and different here. The way I am looking at it is that nothing is easy in life and life is tough...
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    Refund of taxes paid on purchases / services

    I certainly am not an expert on this subject but to the best of my knowledge you can get the gst/hst tax credit even before filing for your tax returns by filling from RC-151. You do have the option for getting gst/hst credit even on your tax return forms as well. But I wonder why would you go...
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    My Landing Experience - Toronto (Brampton)

    ;D Congratulations 8) Now starts the real journey... :-X
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    People Store - JOB FAIR - 23rd August - Brampton

    Well to be honest everyone will have different experiences based on the different situations that everyone faces. So people would offer you various suggestions based on his/her own experience. Its pretty difficult for me to comment as I do not have any clue about your educational and...
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    People Store - JOB FAIR - 23rd August - Brampton

    Do not get me wrong on this point but there is a link between them and the employers only because of the numbers. That link that you are mentioning is called the "Hiring Incentive". You will certainly learn the game in a few months time. Its a circle that they make you go through. But the way I...
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    People Store - JOB FAIR - 23rd August - Brampton

    One thing that I have come across that in Canada its all about numbers and it is a numbers game. I do not mean to discourage anyone but the settlement workers are only concerned about there numbers and basically they are using us to save there own jobs. There is no check and balance between the...
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    Just trying to help

    Thank you Mitali.................. ;) +1 for you............ ;D ;D Very helpful information indeed...
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    Applications after 26/6 in any NOC CONNECT HERE TO GET THE STATUS

    Congrats buddy...... ;) cross the finish line after such a long wait.......
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    All applicants planning to land in toronto / Already landed in toronto

    May Allah (SWT) give your father all the health and the courage to fight cancer. May Allah (SWT) give patience and courage to you and your family as well and INSHALLAH your father will get well soon. Ameen.
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    Pakistani Applicants waiting for PPR (Stage 1 or 2 letters) from CHC London

    Thanks and appreciate your help. Could you let me know what to do if I do not have any address to be given at the time of landing as I will staying in a hotel for the first few days and than start searching for a permenant place.
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    "DUBAI APPLICANTS" **Let's Network & Get Connected**

    Thanks a bunch Captain......Highly appreciate your help..... :D