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    Question about Proof of Employment

    Hello, I was a contact worker to my client and my employer was different, in this case should I have 2 letters from both each? Is there any where I can see some samples?
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    Time Taken for Police Verification and Medical in US

    Hello, What is the time taken for doing police verification and medical in the US? Also much buffer number of days is to be kept due to Virus.
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    Do you need WES for undergrad?

    Hello, I did my masters from the US and have done a WES evaluation for that. Do I need an undergrad degree evaluation of WES, a degree that I hold from India? I have literally heard so many mixed reviews about that, so I went ahead and started evaluation for my Masters, however for my...
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    How much gap is ok between jobs for Continuous Work Experience for FSW Express Entry?

    I have 2.3 years exp -> masters -> 1.8 to current yrs so would my total work experience will be counted as over 3 years?
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    Employment Calculation

    My employment has been 2.5 yrs -> masters -> 1.8 yrs (20 hours of part-time during masters in states for entire masters of 1.8 yrs) so does this still count as over 3 yrs while calculating the crs score?