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    ECA Report Issue

    Hi there, I was applied for ECA then after i received report from wes mentioned below. kindly someone guide me about that report. I did not understand, what wes try to say about my educational documents. And how to deal with such situation. I did not receive any other email yet. i send many...
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    how to check LMIA letter

    yes sure let me upload letter. i am sure it will be fake one. check it for me. thanks there no option to upload file. i will write here system file no 9774918 employer id 2760431 company name coril holdings ltd noc code 6641 job as assistant administrator 2 years contract...
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    Please help, my lmia confirmation number is 9774918 it is true or fake

    i receive LMIA from cosultant on behalf of company coril holdings ltd offer me job in canada. how can i check such details below. guide me. system file number ..... 9774918 employer ID ..... 2760431
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    How to verify LMIA is fake or not

    i receive same email LMIA letter through consultant. how can check fake or genuine.?
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    how to check LMIA letter

    hi there, hope all well here. i received LMIA from consultant who offer me job on behalf of company name coril holding ltd. i received LMIA from consultant. now how can i check it. is it fraud or genuine? kindly guide me regarding issue. Thanks
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    Canada immigration

    Can you please guide me how to do ECA is it through WES or any other way kindly tell me? Then i will go for expres entry profile ready and rest of paper work. how much time it will take to complete that process roughly idea? And How many time it will take to get visa or interview because am...
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    Canada immigration

    Thanks for reply me and guide me. Can you please confirm me about after IELTS clearance process. What should i have to do to complete my file and which online form i have to fill online. how can i get my points. Do i need to do anything else please guide me. Thanks
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    Canada immigration

    Hi guys, hope all well here. i would like to ask that i have masters degree and diploma Level 7 from United kingdom completed. Along am worked in UK for almost 5 years. Do i need to clear IELTS with 7-8 Band for immigration or not? Currently am in pakistan and i want to apply immigration from...