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    Life during Covid-19

    I am creating this thread with the hope that we will share information and resources about how to do well now that all these measures are taking place. Please have your say on how to get the funds that the government is preparing for us that are now left unemployed because businesses are closing
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    Universitetet private nuk i njohin.
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    Making friends as an introvert in new country?

    Most of the people here stay with their community Indians with Indians for example. And generally, some people are shy or dont care to make new friends. However, if you sign up to a club, or a class it makes it easier to meet people
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    New in Toronto

    You got this June! Dont give up yet. I arrived in Toronto in 2018. What i did is keep my self busy at max by finding random jobs as living in Toronto is pretty expensive and I didn't prefer to waste my savings. This was my solution. Everyone has its own. Also, we used the employment services...
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    Where to Buy Winter Clothing in Toronto

    Northface is a good one. I got my winter jacket from it and I am satisfied
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    Sipas linkut qe te dergova ata kerkojne diplomen te perkthyer listen e notave te perkthyer ndersa suplementi eshte opsional. Shkohet ne universitet merret lista e notave dhe suplementi pastaj ben fotokopje te noterizuar te diplomes i perkthen te gjitha ne perkthyes te autorizuar i con ne...
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    Pershendetje kur une bera procedurat kishte rregulla te tjera njera prej tyre ishte qe ti dergonte universiteti tek WES. tani ka ndryshuar sepse eshte shtuar nje hap qe kerkon te shkosh ne konsullaten dhe ti vulosesh aty. Megjithate po te dergoj kete linkun ku ke proceduren e sakte...
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    Ray of Hope - 119th Draw

    How do you know this? I havent heard anything about this. I do not think the government will change anything. Changing immigration policy takes a lot of years
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    Ray of Hope - 119th Draw

    WOW :mad::mad: 470 is too high. I am lucky I applied in 2017
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    PR Card Process & Delivery Times

    Mine came after 5 days from this email
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    Costco Passport photo not accepted.

    We got ours at Shoppers, very expensive, but the photos were very good and we got our PR cards
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    No list of personal belongings when first landed - problem?

    Not a problem at all. We didnt prepare one either, and at the airport nobody asked for it.
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    My express entry application got rejected

    A writing score of 6.0 is not a factor in rejection. As far as I know you need minimum CLB 7 to qualify. CLB 7 means band 6.0 in IELTS. Check the amount of money that you are going to bring in Canada, maybe the mistake is there or the profession NOC code
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    Permanent Resident Renewal Timeline 2018

    My PR Card Arrived today. :D:D:DAfter 4 months almost. Three days after the notification by email. Thank u everybody
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    Permanent Resident Renewal Timeline 2018

    We did not mail any application for PR Card. We did all what was requested when we first landed in Toronto, on 21. October 2018. I really do not have any more detailed information about when it started as I could not link my application to ECAS. They sent the request for new photos exactly when...