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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    Hello Friends. I have 2 queries .. 1 I got my WES report in sep 2014 and it is about to expire in sep 2019.Can anyone tel me the procedure to renew it. 2. I have created my profile in the month of april 2019 and again updated it on june 11 2019 .When we view our profile there is one option as...
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    Thanks..My wes will expire in coming sep .Can i apply for its duplicate right now??
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    Wes Renew Confusion !!

    Hello...Have u done ur WES?
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    Ray of Hope - 120th Draw

    Me at 447 .We cant do anything except sitting and waiting for the draw.
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    WES Renewal

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    Hello Friends. My WES will be expired in coming september. Can anyone tel me the procedure to renew it.
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    WES Renewal

    Hii.My WES will be expired in september.Can anybody tel me the process to renew it..
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    If i get ITA and then PR ,how much time and what is the process to get PR for my wife.Currently my score is 445 and without wife my score increases to 453 .I am in confusion to apply single or along with wife.Can anybody suggest?