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    Hi all. My NOC is 2171. My CRS score is 385. Can you please tell me how should I apply for GTS scheme? I do not have a job offer & im from India. Any insights please?
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    What is Application Status "Filed" at Arrima Portal

    Hi Guys, I Created Arrima profile in Sept'2018. Till last month it was showing as "Tabled". This month it has been changed to "Filed". And my current Arrima profile expired yesterday (23.03.2020). But I'm unable to renew it. Any suggestions whether I need to create a new one?
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    Hello guys..Can anyone tell me the process to apply for CSQ.. Im from India and have a profile in Arrima portal. Is CSQ only valid for people who are staying in Quebec.?
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    Alberta PNP

    Hi Shinehm, I have not created a profile for AINP. I have just clicked Alberta as my preference in Express entry profile. As I don’t have any connection in Alberta, I’m unable to submit the expression of interest.! Any suggestions.!
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    Alberta PNP

    Hi shinehm, I have shown interest in express entry profile. But have not received any invitations. My NOC is 2171.
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    British Council IELTS revaluation query. Help!

    Hi All, I have applied for revaluation in British council. Can anyone tell me how many days does it take for the revaluation results?
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    express entry

    Hi all. My spouse enrolled for a course in canada in 2014, but have not completed the course. We returned back to India. Now, can he avail the points in CRS score for the below clause 4B. He has been there in Canada for 8 months ( Not continuosly). Can anyone suggest whether we can update as...
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    Hi guys, anyone who had applied through Arimma, last year received invitation?
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    Languag test PIN TEF?

    Hi Guys, I got my TEF results but have not received the certificate. I have read in some of the forum as we will receive the Pdf copy of the certificate by email. But i have not received it. Is there something we need to do?
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    TEF Test Is Easy or Difficult ????

    Hello guys. I recently took my TEF exam & the results are out. But I have not received the certificate through mail. Can anyone tell me when will we get the soft copy of the certificate.? Should we send mail to the exam center?
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    Northern Rural Immigration Pilot Program

    Hi guys. Have the same question. Let me know if you guys have any idea about RNIP.
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    Alberta PNP

    Hi All. For applying for Alberta EOI, do we require any connection in Alberta? I mean the adaptability should be there? My points is 375 and I have selected Alberta in my EE. My NoC is 1212 and my spouse NOC is 2171. But no luck with invitations. Is there any way we can apply for Alberta?
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    CELPIP Test Materials

    Hi Andy, I'm appearing for CELPIP next month. Could you please share the material to my mail ID?
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    TEF Test Is Easy or Difficult ????

    Hi nitwooff. I have also registered for the TEF exam.!
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    TEF Test Is Easy or Difficult ????

    Is there any August batch candidates registered for TEF Canada exam in Chandigarh ?