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    PF certificate for POF from Pune

    Hey Sara, did you got that from Pune PF office?
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    In how much time does CTU issues transcript? Someone told me that it takes weeks.
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    Father's name mismatch in Graduation and PG degree

    My father's name in my bachelor's degree is 'Balawant Singh'(correct) and on my pg degree is 'Balwant Singh'(incorrect as one A is missing). While applying for ECA, the form didn't asked for father's name and as far as I am aware,the ECA report also doesn't contain father's name. Question: I am...
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    PR with spouse

    I am planning to apply for Canadian Express Entry along with my wife. Because of my education(2 or more degree/diploma-ECA in progress) and IELTS(CLB 9), I am getting somewhere around 465 in CRS calculator, if I mention that my wife is not coming with me. However, if I state that I am coming...
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    ECA from Calorx Teacher's University

    Has anyone got that evaluated?
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    Any idea if PGDCA from Calorx University is evaluated by WES?
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    Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut

    @k.singh90 What are you planning now? Are you aware of any other 1 year course which is accepted by WES?
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    Are distance education Pg diploma degrees accepted by WES?

    @Hasel did you found anyone getting positive evaluation for PGDCA from Subharti Univ?
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    Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut

    @k.singh90 you did PGDCA from Subharti through distance or regular?
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    new OHIP registeration but dont have Residency address....!!!!

    Hi AmB20, From which university did you completed your PG Diploma?
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    Experience after highest degree

    Someone told me that the experience after the highest degree is calculated. Is that true? I have done, Bachelor's from 2008-2012 Experience from 2012-2018 PG Diploma from 2018-2019 Will my experience be counted?