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    LPR (Green Card) and PR!?

    Hello all, I have sponsored my wife a few months back from the US. She has received her PR card. Now she needs to travel to the States. As I learnt, she requires a visitor's visa to enter the states. She also still has her LPR (Green Card from the States). And I believe, that she has 12 months...
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    COPR paperwork - character limit on names or spelling mistake? Advice please!

    Same thing happened in my case too. My wife's name was mis-spelled in both CROP as well as the Visa. I contacted Visa office, Buffalo right away, and I was told that it's just shortened in the CROP and Visa; however, in the system it's correctly spelled out. When we landed, and advised the...
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    Shipping personal belongings from US to Canada.

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of packing up my stuff to move to Canada. My house-hold belonging is going to be too much to carry it with me in the plane. I was thinking, if it's better (cheaper) to ship it by some sort of carrier seperately. i.e. a typical laguage or two, which can weigh...
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    Advise on searching job in Edmonton.

    Thank you so much for the info. Allison. Can you (Only if you feel confortable) provide a contact information of your friend? That's way, since he also is an IT person, he might be able to reference some useful resources. I would appreciate that. You can PM his information. Thanks and...
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    going crazy!!!!!!

    Exactly!!! Sometimes sooner than 7 months. and sometimes more than 7 months. It all depends on each case.
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    Advise on searching job in Edmonton.

    Dear all, I've been working in the U.S. and am ready to packup to Canada. YES!!!! :D I'm an IT professional and have +7 years of experience in this domain. I'm gonna relocate to Edmonton, AB or possibaly to Vancouver, BC later on. I want to know, if someone already know some companies with...
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    Should I be worried...

    At what stage is your application? How long it has been 'in progress' state? What was the last letter/message that you got from the visa office?
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    Stop in a different city than the final distination.

    Thank you guys for the input. I'd booked the ticket yesterday, and I have a grace period of 24 hours to cancel, meaning that won't get penalized for cancellation if done within 24 hours. Then, I guess, I will re-book another one which directly lands in Edmonton. Because, there's not enough time...
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    Stop in a different city than the final distination.

    Deal all, If my final destination is--say Edmonton--and I book a ticket from US that has a stop--say in Vancouver--Then my port of entry would be considered Vancouver BC and not Edmonton AB. Would that be any problem? or cause any un-necessary delay at landing? Or I'm simply paranoid? I have...
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    Need Info. on Alberta

    How about IT-related jobs, in Edmonton and/or Calgary? Would you be able to comment on that?
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    What have you noticed is different in Canada?

    Really!? I've always thaught the other way around! In Canada, heathcare is not privatized; whereas in the U.S. it is, which means more $. As far as the quality of service: I guess you receive about the same level of service for both.
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    The day is here...with happy landing...

    Congratulations and thanks for this useful information. I am packing up at the moment and soon be heading too. If you can give any advise like Dos and Don'ts, that would be great. I assume that if you have all your documents sorted that, I don't think there would be any issues at landing. One...
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    Yuhooo!!! Got IT, finally!!!!!!!!!!

    Sure Amatullah, and Selena, Application sent, first to CPC, Mississauga, (Can't remember the exact date, it was long time ago ;-)) sometimes June 2008. Application was approved sometimes mid-July 2008. Application sent to Buffalo, NY visa office late July 2008 I was asked to provide some...
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    what does this mean??

    I hope so to. But, it could also mean that the system could go under technical maintinance. I hope its the formar
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    Yuhooo!!! Got IT, finally!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks everyone for support. I guess christmas's come early for me, this year :D I wish every one of you best of luck, one more time and happy holidays.