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    Renewing the PR Ccard

    It's been a while since I last visited this forum. I am doing so to offer advice on when to renew the PR card when it is about to expire. My wife got her PR card after two years of waiting in 2011. We visited Canada to receive her card in 2011 , then returned to China to tie up loose ends...
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    Evidence for my daughter being my daughter.(?)

    I've been reading through some other links and it looks like it might be a pretty standard request. I am Canadian by birth, with a Chinese wife. We had a child while in China. As you know, the child of a Canadian parent gets Canadian citizenship automatically, as long as paternity or...
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    The best telephone plans

    My wife and I wanted separate telephone lines, so that we could call each other in (e.g.) find each other a mall or crowd. I asked on this forum for advice on a good phone service, and received recs for Shaw, FIDO, and others. I looked into many and can heartily recommend CHAT-R. They...
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    Fate of investor visa?

    Not being concerned primarily with this type of visa, I paid scant attention when told that Canada had canceled it. I paid more attention when told by Chinese friends that Chinese investors who had had their applications cancelled after being in the queue for a year or two were being offered...
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    llaminatng te citizenship certificate

    I made the mistake of laminating my son's certificate. I wanted to make it secure, since it is not a plastic card but rather a piece of paper. I did not see the warning not to laminate it until too late. Apparently there are codes imbedded in the paper, which cannot be read if it is...
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    Bill C-24 Second Reading on February 27th:

    It seems that many people here are concerned about the new Act, when it is passed. I scanned the new provisions, and they seem to make citizenship more difficult to obtain for those who committed offences or lied on their applications. Why would these be a problem?
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    Travelling outside Canada

    As long as you have been in Canada for 2 of the last 5 years when you apply to renew your PR card. Time outside Canada counts toward the quota of 2 years IF you are with your Canadian spouse during this time abroad -- so make sure to keep stubs from airline tickets to show you were together.
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    Advice me a wicked plan please

    Steaky: If he enters Canada as a tourist, he will be granted maybe 6 months of stay in Canada. He will be overstaying his touist visa if he stays quietly in Canada for two years. Wouldn't that jeopardize his PR renewal?
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    Child born to a Canadian Citizen outside Canada

    I had the same problem -- asking the embassy for an acknowledgement that Immigration had received the application for my son's citizenship certificate. I tried to make it clear I wasn't asking about a decision; just for an assurance that the application had been received. No joy: the embassy...
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    time for completion of formalities at first landing

    My we landed at Vancouver airport at about 6 PM. The paperwork took maybe 30 minutes, but there weren't many people there.
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    Two different spelling of name in documents

    It should do the trick. My name on my birth certificate is different from my name on all subsequent documents. A long time ago a Canadian lawyer gave me an affidavit certifying that both names refer to the same person, namley me. I never used that affidavit until recently, when I was applying...
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    After landing to open up a bank account?

    Using ATMs can be expensive over the long haul. If you're withdrawing from a foreign account, there is a limit (usually $300 at Canadian ATMs), and each withdrawal is charged the ATM fee. I have had NO problems transferring large amounts from abroad into my Canadian bank account. In one case...
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    cel phones

    Thanks. You da Man!
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    cel phones

    Thanks, PMM. Is there one company in B.C. that is better than the others? I hear of Telus, and Sprint.