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    IELTS (Many attempts)

    have you ever tried appealing your score? i tried it once, got an improvement of 0.5 which got me to CLB 9 and incerased the CRS score. Not to forget if there is change in the score, they refund the appeal fees as well. Its worth it to appeal score if you only need 0.5 either for writing or...
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    Change of Primary NOC Code

    No, wont cause any issues later. You can always give LoE explaining that NOC 2173 is better suited than NOC 2171 at a later stage, if it comes down to it.
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    Going back to Canada on same Visa. Please help

    not sure how much i can help - been away from the game for a while. anyway IM me with all the details you can give... will see what i can do
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    Travel History

    Yes, correct.. No need to include trips between home country and residence country... Though I did mention when I moved to residence country from home country...
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    CoPR and Travel Question

    i didnt understand what flight you're taking.. is it british airways or oman air? either way, if your stay in UK airport is less than 12 hrs (Transit), they you dont need a UK visa... but obviously you need the Canada PR visa which I'm assuming is stamped on your passport... Ive flown to US...
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    CRS 399

    as things stand, no... you need to look at improving your CRS score, get it over 440 to have a good chance...
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    Dates on Travel History: Time Difference

    i dont think they will be that strict to reject applications based on a single day's difference... so you can go ahead and provide either date -it shouldbe fine. again for eg i left chicago on 8th jan and arrived in london on 9th... (Assuming chicago is my home city) i left london on 19th jan...
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    Post ITA

    its an old link so some info might be outdated... but its still useful
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    POF in husbands name.

    Let me answer your original question - that should be fine, in theory... But - your case will look very fishy IMHO If you're the principal applicant, I'm assuming you're showing 3 years or so of work experience... if you dont even have a bank account in your name, where was your salary being...
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    Canada PR proof of funds - 6 months average

    naah its fine... dont fret over it
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    Visa refusal for family ties, travel history and purpose of visit

    Is it for immg or visit visa? Not sure on visit, but Immg should be you as primary applicant and continue husband as dependent.
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    Visa refusal for family ties, travel history and purpose of visit

    istanbul and izmir... spent most of my time in Izmir though...