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    Adding New Passport To My Application

    Thought I'd just add a little update. Recently had the Invitation to Pre-Arrival Services which apparently you get if you meet Eligibility so I'm not reading too much into that but it's still good news... I also managed to lose my passport! You know, cos I'm clever... (I've lost a lot of weight...
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    Self-Employed Application 2019

    Just got to be patient, things are clearly moving but even before covid the FSE path was a slow one!!
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    Self-Employed Application 2019

    I received my Letter of Invitation to Pre-Arrival Services this week. Not a guarantee of PR but hard to see why the Government would encourage me to access services they're paying for if they're not inclined to let me in... I'm assuming the next step will be a medical request and on that back...
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    Documenting My Process/Progress

    I've not done the medical yet. Application status page says "No Medical Required We'll Tell You If That changes" which is a bit odd so I'm expecting that change and them to request on soon...
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    Documenting My Process/Progress

    It's a letter they send out to give you access to government funded services to make your integration to Canadian life easier.
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    Documenting My Process/Progress

    UPDATE TIME!! Today I received my Invitation to Apply for Pre-Arrival Services Letter. I'm doing some digging to find out if this is a tacit/implied acknowledgement that they're inclined to issue PR (why would the invite you to pre-arrival and settlement services if they didn't want to let...
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    Owner/Operator LMIA Different forms

    Low wage will only get them 50 extra points.
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    Owner operated LMIA group

    take a read of this: for a business plan template type thing. Forms required are the LMIA application form. it has two types: high wage and low wage. high wage is the one you'll need as you're...
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    Owner operated LMIA group

    Nope, stuck in the UK :( I put my visa application in back in September, still waiting but it's one of the longest processes out of all the routes to PR. It's worth thoroughly investigating whether there's a time frame you need to hire them in or not. it might be a year after starting if I...
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    Owner operated LMIA group

    1) that sounds ideal: you'll be creating jobs for Canadians and PR's so that's a major plus in your favour. 2) in all the research that I've done into it there's never been any mention of needing to have x amount of cash beforehand. It would be good if you're were going to invest money to have...
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    Owner operated LMIA group

    LMIA Owner Operator: To get this you need to EITHER - buy out the majority share (50.1% or more) in an existing business in Canada OR set one up from scratch/expand/transplant your existing business into Canada. There is no capital investment requirement and no specific amount of cash you have...
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    Owner Operator LMIA Work Permit.

    Much obliged. Have you any thoughts on how to go about this as a Sole Proprietor? I know there's an option on the LMIA forms etc but I'm not sure how that feeds into the high wage/low wage and hourly rate situation as I am paid by the day and not to a set Monday to Friday rota in my work...
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    Which to choose...

    Owner Operator LMIA Temporary Work Visa ($1000 non-refundable) or LMIA Exempt Temporary Work Visa (under the IMP section 205 with a C11 Exemption) that might not work... Thoughts chaps and chapattes?
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    lmia owner operator

    given that this is a forum for helping people, could share the details with more than just the one person (ie the rest of us who are interested?)
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    Example of a business plan for a Owner-Operator LMIA

    I'm in a similar position. UK based, self employed though, looking to get my business over to Canada. I've got a Federal Self Employed Visas Application in process but I've recently heard about this Owner/Operator LMIA Work Permit and it sounds perfect to get my feet on the ground. I've never...