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    Parent Sponsorship Application Forms

    Hello Inder, I am hoping you can help me. I am facing the same issue you faced a couple of years ago. So I am thinking of applying for parent's pR in 2017 but i don't have the following documents: 1. My birth certificate - In India you are allowed to use your 10th certificate as your birth...
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    Name issues - please reply

    And what i heard is that if we send legal name change when our citizenship is still in progress, then Cic can update our name during the process itself and we will receive the correct citizenship certificate.
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    Name issues - please reply

    So I went to registry (i am in Alberta) and the lady said I need to do a legal name change. I got the application package (fees is over $200-that's insane).. And she said it is a lengthy process and may take upto 6 months. She recommended that i apply for name change and also citizenship now...
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    Name Split in Passport, COPR and PR Card

    Dear All, I am facing a similar issue so hoping maybe one of you can help/guide me. I don't have a last name on my Indian passport and that is how all my canadian documents are -PR card, health card,driving licence etc. Now I am in the process of applying for canadian citizenship and don't...
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    Name issues - please reply

    Dear Toronto2222, Were you able to resolve this issue? I am eligible to apply for citizenship this month and am facing the same issue. My last name on Indian passport is blank and given name has my full name. Any guidance you can provide to help me would be appreciated. I don't want to delay my...