Citizenship Tracker March-2021
Location: Calgary, AB | App Type: Family (5) | Presence Days: 1340 | App Sent: 30-November-2020 | App Delivered: 03-December-2020 | App Returned: 23-Feb-2021 (photos were missing?? or didn't meet specifications, requested new ones) | App Resent: 25-Feb-2021 | App Delivered: 2-Mar-2021 | AOR: 13-Apr-2021 | ECAS In Progress: 09-June-2021 | Dashboard test window: Feb 14 - Mar 7 - 2022 | Test Letter: 08-Feb-2022 | Test/Interview Date: 14-Feb-2022 | Urgent Processing submitted: 16-Feb-2022 | Urgent Processing Approved: 21-Feb-2022 | ECAS Decision Made (citizenship test, language skills, prohibitions, physical presence - completed): 22-Feb-2022 | Oath Letter Date: 10-Mar-2022 | Oath Date: 16-Mar-2022 | Citizenship certificate delivered: 23-March-2022 | Passport in-person appointment: 25-March-2022 | Passport in-person pick up (express) : 31-March-2022
Last updated: 28-March-2022

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