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    No todo recirve el correo. Nos otros no tuvimos ninguno correo hasta immigracion pidiendo mas informacion y despues el pasaporte. No todos van a tener e correo que estas esperando.
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    Outland application but residing in Canada with a TRV: must I leave within 6 months?

    You can simply apply to extend your stay. Until a decision is made, youll have implied status. We applied outland and just extended his stay!!! Good luck
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    Civil wedding

    It is. If a civil marriage does not follow your cultural traditions though, this may pose an issue
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    No one can say how long itll take. Expect a year. You can order your notes to see where your file is
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    Tourist visa apply after Spousal approval

    Our bank statements, itinerary for travel, his confirmation of employment and travel History. He had a visa to come here to play baseball in los juegos panamericano so i think that helped. Hes a pelotero for las estrellas and travels a lot with el equipo de seleccion...
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    Tourist visa apply after Spousal approval

    Yupp, there is nothing stopping you from applying, however your chances of approval are extremely low Good luck!
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    Income information

    There is no required amount for spousal sponsorship. You need to prove that youre able to provide and are not in receipt of welfare or in an undischarged bankruptcy
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    Tourist visa apply after Spousal approval

    You can apply but chances of approval are very low. while in canada on a tourist visa, you are NOT entitled to work. If you do, this is illegal
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    Pre arrival services email from IRCC

    Completely inaccurate!
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    Pre arrival services email from IRCC

    Disagree. Ive seen it
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    Bahaha! I googled everything and apparently now im a pro! I dont eat meat so i struggle with prepping and cooking it buuuuut my kid has to eat lol and the baby soon will Start solids... the way my husband and son eat theyre going to eat me out of house and home lol