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    help with moving our belongings from mexico to BC

    hello! well, that was crazy. we have completed our 2 week self-quarantine after arriving 1.5 months ahead of schedule. we had all of our belongings packed and ready to go with (what we thought was) all the requisite paperwork and the moving truck hired to take our shipment to the airport on...
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    HELP!! coronavirus and our move!

    you 100% can request a repatriation flight and we have at the direction of westjet in the event we are unable to get any of us booked on a flight before the cutoff. whether or not it happens is another matter.
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    HELP!! coronavirus and our move!

    because canada wants all canadians abroad back. so westjet cancelled the flight on the 12th and is more than hapy to reschedule to another that leaves prior to midnight on the 22nd or refund us - nothing in between. if we can't get it together to leave before sunday at midnight we have to...
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    HELP!! coronavirus and our move!

    we got approved in january and are in the process of wrapping up our life in mexico. my husband had a flight on april 12 and our daughter and i have a flight on may 7 but noth have ben cancelled because of the coronavirus. if we want to reschedule our existing flights we have to do so to fly...
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    copr notification/instruction letter vs actual copr?

    hello! i have searched for an answer and it seems the results i have found have questions regarding the approval (or not). my questions are different. i know i am approved but i am confused about where my actual physical COPR is and when i can expect it. the following text updates are of...
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    copr notification/instruction letter vs actual copr?

    hello! i got notice of approval today with a letter in cgkey (yay!). question is, am i now to expect the actual copr hard copy in the mail? the letter i received in my gckey account is not the actual copr, correct? bc i sent photos w a copy (im from visa exempt country) of my passport into the...
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    landing and belongings

    ** and although my husband is traveling 2 weeks prior (to our anticipated travel date) he's canadian.
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    landing and belongings

    no, when i land ill already have my COPR. sorry if i wasnt clear. i wont book my flight out until i have my COPR travel document in hand.
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    landing and belongings

    hello! i have searched and couldnt find a circumstance that was relatively recent and pertained to our specific situation. my husband and daughter are both canadian, i am american. we all live in mexico and have for 25 (husband), 11 (daughter, born here) and 14 (myself) years. we are now...
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    Parent Landing on PR - Submission of Personal Effects Accounting Document ?

    i dont have an answer (sorry!), but id do have a related question - i am bringing MANY personal belongings. where do i find out about this form as i have never heard of it and was unaware.... TIA
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    where would one find an "agent" to do so?
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    hello guys, have posted about this befre and since then i thought it was taken care of - but now i need help! i received a request for a police certificate on july 5, 2019 while i was visiting family in the US (i am an american living in mexico as a leagl resident). i called IRCC to ask how...
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    hello, i am an american citizen and my common law husband and our daughter are both canadian citizens. we live in mexico and have completed medical and submitted our request for police certificate to the embassy of canada in mexico city. however, since we have sent the paperwork off we have...