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    2017 Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship

    Congrats to everyone who was selected. Just a question, when you filled out the intent form did you select YES for filed 2016 tax?
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    SINP as a student (Saskatchewan)

    Firstly, when you apply for your PNP you can include your wife within the nomination and both of you can become PR simultaneously. Secondly, those 20 hours work should be under the NOC codes and if you think you can get the hours as required then go for it.
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    Which State is good For me?

    Saskatchewan is a relatively small province compared to other provinces in Canada and the 2 largest cities, Regina and Saskatoon have a combined population of 400,000. The unemployment rate is lower also because of its smaller population base and due to that employment opportunities are there...
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    SINP as a student (Saskatchewan)

    1 year diploma will get you 1 year post grad work permit and within that time period you need to find a job which is either in NOC 0, A, B or C and ensure the employer will be able to provide you with a job letter as well. The chances of finding this kind of employer is your luck as well as the...
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    Passport renewal page question HELP needed ASAP

    Guests? O wow, did not know you could even bring guests with you to the oath ceremony. I wonder if you can take pictures? I would love to take a picture with the judge haha..
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    Passport renewal page question HELP needed ASAP

    I am assuming everything went fine? I hope you get the oath letter before the end of the year as Ontario is quicker than most other areas. I am glad it worked out for you :)
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    Important AINP - Work Permit related Issue!!!

    This is what you should have done, Once you were on implied status you received your AINP, you should have re applied for a bridging work permit. I think you should do that now asap. You waited too long as I do not see how CIC should reverse their decision as when you applied your werent...
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    Canadian Citizenship Residency Calculator Question

    Were you living in Canada before you became PR? If you came in as a student for instance, that should the first date you entered.
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    Passport renewal page question HELP needed ASAP

    I guess do not stress about it as the test is tomorrow and see how it goes. If you have both passports and are covering the 4 year period, you should be fine. Let us know how the entire process went :) Best of luck!
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    Passport renewal page question HELP needed ASAP

    In your old passport, is there a cancelled passport page mentioning the expiry of this passport and the new passport #? That could be another thing you might want to look into. If that page is there then you can use that, old and new passport and that page being the link between the 2 passports!
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    IEC to MPNP work permits to PR

    That is applicable for people from visa-exempt countries!
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    cic call for landing interview

    This is nothing new, this process has been in place for a long time. You can either goto the border and flagpole or land in a local CIC office. The only downside of landing locally is you might need an appointment which could take a while.
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    Received RQ

    Where is this written? This is absolutely incorrect information and that is the main reason why you not eligible for citizenship. You need ro prove your residency - the time you have lived within Canada which should be 3 years of the last 4 years!
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    BUFFALO APPLICANTS - File transferred to other VO due to Buffalo closing down

    WOW! It has been a while since I have been back and can relate with the worries for current applicants. If anyone has any questions, please post here and I would try to help if I can... Best of luck to everyone, it is worth the way in the end :)
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    Family Sponsorship - Do I sponsor my parents separately?

    I am looking at sponsoring my parents, so should I be filing two different applications or just one? Do I fill IMM08 for my father and then my mother? I also have a brother whois over 18 and whom I cannot sponsor, so I need to fill his details under Additional Family member and additional...