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    COPR required during oath or test?

    It will definitely be required once you get the test / interview date. Interviewer will ask for it. Another thing, as everybody mentioned, this is important document for other purposes as well. It is good that you realized this earlier and can do something about it because i have seen ppl...
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    Physically presence time

    If you were on TRV then you were not supposed to file any taxes anyways because generally you don't have work rights on TRV (excluding any exceptions, if there are any). Once you become PR and living in Canada then you must file taxes even on zero income. Now, suppose you are applying in...
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    Proof of english test

    Submit your diploma certificate and transcript.
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    My son is born in the US - Canadian citizenship

    If you are Canadian citizen by naturalization and you were a Canadian citizen when your baby was born outside Canada then then baby is a Canadian citizen. You can go to Canadian embassy in USA and they can further guide you. Should be a very straightforward and easy procedure.
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    Sending the application from abroad?

    Your application must be received within 90 days after it was signed and dated.
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    2 references for passport - friend and his wife ?

    Hi guys, Very simple question but want to clear any doubt before going ahead. I know the conditions for guarantor and references. Question is ... can i have my friend and his wife as 2 references ?? I was thinking this to be an easy option and i know both of them very well for years. Please...
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    Expired ielts for citizenship

    If you have graduated from a Canadian college/university then you don't need any IELTS. Submit your degree and transcript only.
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    Passport photo from walmart says signature of official not guarantor

    Hi, Just would like to confirm one thing. At the back of the photo where guarantor signs. All the wordings are ok but at the bottom it says "Signature of official" instead of Guarantor. Is it ok ?? I am not sure why the walmart stamp says official and not guarantor.
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    Spouse as Guarantor!

    Thanks !
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    Spouse as Guarantor!

    Hi Guys, Your spouse can be your guarantor when applying for the passport, right ?
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    Verification of Status processing time

    Hi everyone, Just out of curiosity, what is VOS ? Why do you need it ? Is it only required if you lost your landing document/copr ? I already have my proof of landing /COPR then what is the significance of having VOS ? Thank you.
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    PRcard is expired-is this a problem on a citizenship ceremony?

    No, it doesn't matter. As mentioned above, they will take it away anyways so you are good. Go and enjoy the ceremony.
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    Citizenship Interview Call for my mom of age 65

    They don't accept PR card as ID that's why it is mentioned separately. Your two IDs can be Driving license and Health card. If she doesn't drive then you can also show her current passport. You must have sent the copies of documents along with your citizenship application form. They only want...
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    March - 2018 Citizenship Applicants

    In that email, you must have a pdf file attached with all the details related to test. Print the file and take it with you. That's it, you will be fine.