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    Working and getting paid in Canada

    Say H1 is approved , but one continues to stay in Canada and does not shift to US .Does this mean one can also continue to stay in Canada for e.g 4 or 5 months without entering US and continued to paid in USD ? In other word , wont H1 get nullified if one stays outside of US for such a long time...
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    BC PNP

    I am no expert but if you look at BCPNP guidelines from official website it states that employer should be in BC . So in my opinion this may not qualify but i could be wrong . Maybe others can chime in
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    Startup Visa Program Timeline

    I need some help .I and my friends have small start-up company outside of Canada . Can you pls advise if I should actively be working in a start-up (outside of Canada) before applying for SUV ? I am currently not drawing any money from the tech start-up in India (as i work in another job as...
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    Got Study Permit but not planning to travel to Canada - Help

    Thanks for responding and making it clear
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    Got Study Permit but not planning to travel to Canada - Help

    Hi Experts Need your advise /suggestion Background : Am an Indian citizen but work in USA in IT and have a small family here (wife and a kid). Earlier I was planning to pursue higher studies (i.e do masters) from Canada . I got accepted to UBC and thus applied for study visa which got...
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    [2019] BCPNP-International Post Graduate-Let's Gather Here!!!!!

    Do we need the degree at hand for this or program completion letter from UBC is enough for this ? The reason i am saying is because at times there is a big gap (5/6 months) between when you finish your masters program and the time you have your official convocation for the "degree" . Please advise
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    BC PNP Tech Pilot

    You mean that just a job offer is sufficient for BC PNP ?
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    BC PNP status not change

    U got nominated as well ?
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    BC PNP status not change

    Wow . Congrats ! For BC PNP in IPG category , what all docs are necessary ? You made it so hearing from someone like you is meaningful : )
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    BC PNP Tech Pilot (Sharing my processing time)

    I have not done myself so cant give step by step .Maybe others on forum can help Normally people dont use any agents and they use agents when they are not sure about process or dont feel confident to do by themselves . Thus wondering since you are using agent shouldn't he guide you then vs you...
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    BC PNP Tech Pilot (Sharing my processing time)

    You can try Ontario PNP or Alberta PNP in that case
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    BC PNP Tech Pilot (Sharing my processing time)

    do u have job offer from BC employer or are you international post graduate from BC ? If 'yes' to any of these then you may have a chance
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    Alberta express entry PNP NOI - CRS score eligibility

    But you are inland and have job offer atleast -right ?