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    Sister in law

    Hi, that is not a conjugal partner. A conjugal partner is someone you are practically married to, except for the fact marriage is impossible to do due to legal reasons. Read here under all Conjugal partner sections...
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    Proxy Marriage

    It's clearly stated with simple searches that IRCC doesn't accept these kinds of marriage for immigration:
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    Inland application and spouse just found out she's pregnant

    She should immediately call around to all the local midwife offices to see if she can secure one as her care provider for pregnancy and delivery. They will offer their services for free even to those without OHIP coverage, may just need to pay for things like ultrasounds or bloodwork. If no...
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    PR Renewal, PRTD Required?

    Since US passport holders are eTA-exempt, there is no need to apply for PR TD. Just don'e mention to the airline you're a PR, as that may only cause complications. For the purposes of flying you're simply a US citizen to the airline. You should be able to apply for PR card renewal while in the...
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    Sponsoring US born child

    So your family landed in Canada on July 1, or landed earlier and left on July 1? Again, you need to make sure your family has not spent more than 3 years (1095 days) outside Canada before they attempt to return, as they could then be reported for RO violation and process started to terminate...
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    pregnancy, when to move?Urgent, please help

    If you have a medical condition (like late stage pregnancy) that would prevent you from flying to do PR landing before COPR expiry date, the visa office may allow you to delay the COPR/landing. It's entirely up to them. You should stress though the reason is medical related, and not simply due...
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    Once she's used the PRTD to return to Canada, she can immediately submit a regular app to renew her PR card. It will most likely be approved due to the very recent positive H&C finding. She should include copy of the RC-1 PR TD, and explain about recent H&C acceptance. She may get the PR card in...
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    pregnancy, when to move?Urgent, please help

    You face a few possible issues. First, once you get PR approved and your COPR back, you, your husband and your 3-yr old will all need to fly to Canada to activate your PR status. Depending when exactly you get COPRs, you could be in later stages of pregnancy and flying could be an issue...
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    Queries on maintaining/extending PR status

    No, and no. Is pointless to even try. She would attempt to use H&C excuse only if she needs to when the time comes. If she's in violation of the RO (so has spent 36