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    Canadian Work Experience (Co-op)

    Co-op work permits are counted as a part of your educational curriculum hence not counted as work experience under EE Select No for the question you mentioned.
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    Skill Level 0 or A?

    Select Skill level according to your credential and education Both classes are eligible so you can select any of them
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    No Last Name on Passport

    Does your father have last name in any other government documents ?
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    Apply for Federal Experience Class with experience gained while studying.

    1. No you can chose your own stream, you don't have to apply under CEC. If you qualify under FSW you can definitely apply for it. 2. I really can't tell you which classification you can apply in as tutor for highschool students. But to be eligible for any of the experience class, you need to...
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    Super Visa: Income Scale Question

    It is based on your total income
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    Parents Visa Applied !!! EST time Line from India

    Normal processing time for visitor visa from outside Canada is 19 business days which will take normally 4 weeks in total to reach final decision. However every case is different, some application gets approved earlier and some application might take long to process. It all depends on how busy...
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    Indian TRV timeline march

    There is not anyway to expedite your application except it's an emergency Your application haven't passed normal processing days limit yet, wait till couple of days and than submit CSE Normal processing time is 19 business days by counting weekend and holidays you have 8 more days to pass...
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    Queries on Spousal OWP application and accompanying toddler

    Yes immigration officer at the landing will give you your permits once you land and you can explain your situation and they will help you in regards to your query. Best of luck
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    Regarding open work permit

    Yes you are eligible to file owp but one of the requirement for spousal OWP is to attach your payslips and employment letter to the application which I guess you might won't have it as you haven't entered Canada hence your work isn't started yet. Best option will be to apply once you start...
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    missing "travel history" section in the trv application

    No there is not any specific section for travel history. When you attach your passport Scanned copy it, It shows your international travel. You have to attach all the pages on your passport with visas and stamps
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    Queries on Spousal OWP application and accompanying toddler

    CIC will give TRV for same period of time your husband has OWP for, for you and your son/daughter. You can apply for study permit when age reached for education from within canada
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    applying permanent resident

    If only work permit extension was denied than answer should be No
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    Please suggest, Is it advisable to travel to home country while PR in process

    1. No you will not need another PCC 2. yes they can come back.
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    Met a girl online in Kenya, we both never traveled. Want her here on a 2 wk visa

    Doesn't want to sound negative, but the situation you have described looks like definite rejection. This is the requirement for TRV: 1. satisfy an officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay Officer will not be satisfied as she doesn't have Job or property hence no financial ties...
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    Do I need to notarize all the documents?

    No you do not have to notarised any documents unless it's not original scanned copy. Yes you have to attach bank statements of all of your account preferably.