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    Renewal of PR Card Timeframe

    Hi @clark kent and others: Mine and my family (Daughter is 12yrs now) PR are from May-2015 and about to renew card now: Do we have to give biometrics? Condition mention on CIC website is confusing. Let me know. Thanks Quote from CIC website: "If you apply for a permanent resident card, you...
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    Urgent Help for travel outside canada

    @sharmausct , one point to note: if you are calculating exactly 730 days and she leaves immediately after that(i.e. May), she might meeting RO while leaving but not when returning due to rolling 5 yrs RO. Others can comments if my comments make sense or wrong! Thanks
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    PRC (Permanent Resident Card) Renewal Timeline 2019

    Hi All, There is a Biometrics requirement from 3rd Dec 2019. The requirements mentioned on the website is confusing (At least for me!). It says: "If you apply for a permanent resident card, you don’t need to give your biometrics. However, you’ll need to give your biometrics if: you were...
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    Length of stay on visitor_ Entry stamp but no end date

    Thanks @canuck_in_uk :)
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    Length of stay on visitor_ Entry stamp but no end date

    Hello All, My parents recently arrived on a visitor visa. They got an entry stamp with the date of arrival on their passport and no other date mention on the stamp or any other document is given. So that means they can stay up to 6 months in Canada as a visitor, this is my understanding...
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    British Transit Visa

    You can show/use your landing papers as proof that you are PR of Canada.
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    Transit Visa on arrival - Canadian PR

    I don't know your flight timing but, it seems you don't need a visa since you have confirmed onward flight ticket + Canadian PR. This is my understanding but advice to check on your own.
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    Transit Visa on arrival - Canadian PR This is official information link, u will find all info. here
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    PR CARD Form question

    Any one , please help?
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    PR CARD Form question

    Hello, Freinds, I have below question for IMM 5444 (PR card renew). Question: 21, List all your absences, Period to be accessed: (There are two blocks above table) What Period shall be mention here? Is it the last five years or only absence period? In case only all absence then how to fill...
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    House Insurance

    Hello All, Can someone suggest, what are (how many types) the most advisable insurance for a house needs to buy? i.e. Damage cover? Liability? Mortgage insurance? etc...
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    Visitor visa SEPTEMBER 2019

    Hi Guys, Just to give an idea about the timeline: I had applied for my parents' visitor visa New Delhi, India via VFS. Visa application and Biometrics submitted to VFS: 07 Oct. 2019 SMS received: Passport dispatch from Visa office: 14 Oct. 2019 Got passport with Visa: 15 Oct. 2019 I hope this...
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    SEP 2019 TRV from India time line

    What I understand from people (In Canada with PR) who get TRV approves for their love one (s): "attach Notarised invitation letter by canadain lawyer and explain invitee information on letter" which have a very high chance of visa approval.
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    Transfer money from India

    Hello All, Greetings. Can someone suggest the best possible way to bring money from India to Canada? I am asking a question for bigger amount to buy a house here and not asking for a settlement fund for immigration purposes. :) And what are the tax obligation? Thanks
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    Citizenship change and Canadian PR

    @vensak Thanks lot :)