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    Am I allowed to do an internship in the summer without Co-op Work permit ?!

    i have co-op work permit but did not get any internship with any company. So can i now work 40 hours as regular labor job ?
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    I have co-op term from Jan 2018 to May 2018 but has not receive any job as co-op

    I have a question regarding co-op, if I did not get co-op job. Can I work 40 hours on regular labor job while. Or am I allowed only to work for 20 hours if did not get job as co-op
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    Eligibility for lay off ??

    I am PR holder in Canada, recently applied for citizenship. I do not drive, I use public transportation to commute. Currently I am living in Hamilton and new job being offered in North York. By using public transport it will take me 6 hours to get (back and forth).
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    Eligibility for lay off ??

    I have been working with a company since last 2 years as full time employee. Now the current project has been outsourced. My employer asking me to relocate to different location as they have few openings there. But it is too far from my residence address, will take me 6 hours to travel both...