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    ***July 2019 eAPR AOR tracking join here***

    Admin, can you add me to this group?
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    >>>>>>>>July 2019 AOR<<<<<<<-----Join here

    Hello, kindly add me to the whats app or telegram group . My number is +2347031643206
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    My spouse IELTS will expire a few weeks before ITA. He also has a new one. My question is this, can I submit the new IELTS alongside the old while submitting my e-Apr? Thank you
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    >>>>>>>>May 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    Hello Everyone, I got ITA on the 29th of may 2019, but my spouse IELTS will expire on the 29th of July 2019. My spouse has a new IELTS but the scores are a bit less than the one he used to claim point currently in the profile. I must submit before his IELTS expireS but the question is this...
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    HELP! Website says I'm not eligible for express entry!

    Hello friend. My answer is to recreate your profile and add your spouse IELTS if it is ready so that you can become eligible again. make sure to use the same details as before. Again, please make no mistakes when recreating the profile and use the same details.
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    HELP! Website says I'm not eligible for express entry!

    Yes, recreate the profile and increase the pof maybe by 1000
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    HELP! Website says I'm not eligible for express entry!

    Hello friend, the problem is with the POF. IRCC has increased the amount by some points ,so change that 23,181 to 23,700 or 24,000. the profile will become eligible. Lets us know when it is successful.
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    Alberta AINP March 2019 NOI Notification of Interest

    Hello, I am impressed with your timeline. In my case, documents were received on the 27th of March, and file number received on 1st of April but since then, no calls from them or even Nomination. I am worried yet expectant. My NOC is 1221 and CRS is 436. I have some questions for you though. Is...
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    Received Notice of interest letter from Alberta

    Thank you so much for the response. I greatly appreciate you.
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    Received Notice of interest letter from Alberta

    Hello friend, Many thanks for the response. I have done that. I also have other questions, and please I may require further assistance and guidance. please bear with me. Question: 1.Does Alberta have a processig fee, if yes,how much for a family of 4? 2. Will the documents be sent by courier...
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    Received Notice of interest letter from Alberta

    Hello, I just received a notification of interest from Alberta. The letter says to contact them directly. My question is as follows; 1. How can I download the letter? 2. Can I just copy the letter and paste on Microsoft word and send to them? 3. What email will I send the letter to? I would...
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    HELP! Website says I'm not eligible for express entry!

    Hello, I am having same issue of ineligibility. I am 27 Ielts: L=8.5,R=8.0,S=7,W=7. My ielts was written in 2017 so it is not yet 2 yes. I have BSC in Economics I have 2yrs in Banking and 4.5 years in Administration officer total 6.5 yes outside Canada. I have a family of 4 that will be coming...
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    Express Entry in a nutshell

    Hello all, I withdrew my profile and recreated another one, but after that, I noticed that my profile is no longer eligible. what could be the problem and how can I resolve this Thanks
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    IELTS IDP General 27th October

    Which module is most difficult for you. For me I have always never made a headway in reading. The highest I have got is 6.0.
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    Sibling in Canada

    Thank you for the response. I also tried choosing that option but the CR's will not change. What could be the problem. What did I not do correctly? Do I have to recreate the profile?