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    Sharing my landing experience at Carway,AB

    Not really....nothing wrong with correcting if something is wrong or asking for clarification.
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    New CEC - Jan 2014 Applications

    Received my passport today along with copr Passport reached Ottawa on October 27, 2014
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    December 2013 Applications

    . Best thing to do is to apply for GCMS notes and see if all your documents are in order.
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    December 2013 Applications

    1. Your friend is right 2. Home address 3. When did u send your passport? 4. Looking at the current trend you should be able to receive it before December
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    New CEC - Jan 2014 Applications

    Apply for GCMS notes
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    February 2014 Applicants

    PPR unless you r from visa exempt country
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    December 2013 Applications

    I think you should wait till they process your request
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    May 2014 CEC-PR Applications

    I don't think so
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    CEC October 2014 Applicants

    I think you will receive it before jan...don't worry
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    When did you submit your criminal record

    You can send it with the application. If you don't have it at the moment..I would suggest to send it later on cuz there is no point of wasting time
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    New CEC - Jan 2014 Applications

    You can send pay stubs for now. Send T4 as soon as you receive it cuz they will ask u eventually...
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    looking for few answers on CEC category

    I think it's A CHECK HERE: http://www5.hrsdc.gc.ca/noc/english/noc/2011/html/matrix.html
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    December 2013 Applications