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    >>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Hi, We arrived in Canada June 14th 2018. Lived in Alberta for 2 years and my husband received a provincial nomination from Alberta in June this year . category : PNP CRS : 931 ITA : June AOR September 1st upfront medical good luck to all
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    R u waiting for AINP nomination

    Thanks !! CRS 381 Skill level B job offer with LMIA (already been in this job for a year) We moved to Alberta in June 2018
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    R u waiting for AINP nomination

    Woo hoo !!! Just received a NOI today NOC 8255 Express Entry Stream EE profile set up on March 9th
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    Advice please!

    Thanks Canuck, however, I was also asking if anyone has encountered or could foresee any issues with a student who will be ending studies to get an OWP...
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    Study Permit to Open Work Permit at a POE??

    Hi all, We (my husband and I) are travelling to a POE in Alberta to activate his employer specific work permit. His employer obtained an LMIA for him as a skilled worker. As I understand it I will be able to apply for an Open Work Permit as he will (hopefully) have a work permit issued as a...
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    Advice please!

    We are British Citizens so we can flagpole, and yes , his employer has received a positive LMIA.
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    Advice please!

    I am currently on a study permit , my husband has an LMIA (skilled worker B) and will be converting his OWP to Employer Specific (he will be driving to a POE to do this to save the 3 month online wait time). My question is , because I will be a spouse of a skilled worker can I simply apply for...
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    Applying for Closed Work permit at a Port of Entry (land border)

    Has anyone applied for a closed work permit (with LMIA) at a land border ? POE ? Curious to hear everyone's experiences …
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    Looking for help ! Change from Study Permit to OWP

    Thanks so much . I am hoping the change from Study Permit to OWP will be an easy one !
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    Looking for help ! Change from Study Permit to OWP

    Yes that’s right....we are applying this week for his closed work permit but I am struggling to find a form for me to apply ? Imm5710? Perhaps?
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    Looking for help ! Change from Study Permit to OWP

    Can anyone offer advice ... My husband has been given an LMIA (skilled worker)- he is currently on an OWP and I am on a Study Permit. I would like to change his OWP to Closed and I would like to be able to start working and therefore would like an OWP. Has anyone successfully changed from study...
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    Proving duties performed - Self Employed

    Hi , We have been in Canada for 18 months and plan to apply for PR in March. My husband had a landscaping company in the UK prior to our move to Canada and we would like to claim points for this. Does anyone have any tips/advice on proving self employment duties for his NOC code ? (The only...
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    Anyone applied for study permit/SOWP & Visitor extension in September??

    Hi ! Yes I did, received a positive result just before Christmas .
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    To give you all some hope...

    On September 21st 2019 I applied for ... Study permit extension OWP extension for my husband Visitor Record extensions for my 2 children Today , December 16th 2019 we were all approved. I have not received an email from IRCC however, when I logged in I saw we had an answer ! Good luck to all...