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    Study permit approved, but am I allowed to defer after approval?

    How? Do you send your passport for stamping with the new LOA?
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    Anybody received a IMM medical request 1 month left for the upfront medical to expire

    Maybe that's a good thing? My medical was updated to "passed" yesterday even though it expired last December. Reviewing eligibility started and got BVL at the same time. I'm now freaking out... I think I should get that redo medical request huhu
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    Finally OPR after 27 weeks.... Sep 3 AIP (via mail)

    Congrats! When did you get BVL?
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    Received BVL today

    today, and received BVL also.
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    Medical Passed, Reviewing Eligibility and BVL all on the same day (July SDS)

    Hey guys, could this be a good or bad thing? My medical was updated today (passed although expired) and got BVL at the same time. What I usually see is medical will be updated first then BVL a few days or weeks after. Do you someone who experienced the same thing? I'm so nervous right now!
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    Received BVL today

    In his signature, he got OPR yesterday, Feb 11th. I got BVL today... please pray for me also!
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    GCMS Notes of Sept 4 AIP sent via Email

    none, unfortunately.
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    Back to "Your application is in progress." SDS w/ AIP Winter No Update

    Nope. I'm required to submit new LOA because I deferred from Jan to September intake which is more than 120 days.
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    Back to "Your application is in progress." SDS w/ AIP Winter No Update

    I finally received the email confirmation/response from IRCC that they received my updated LOA that I submitted last Dec 10th.
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    Sds applicants still waiting for approval (with AIP)

    OMG that's so messed up! Any new update? Refusals/approvals? So sad
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    Frustrated with IRCC (July Applicant SDS No Medical Update, No reply to three web forms, Nothing)

    Hi everyone, my Review of eligibility status went back from "We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements" to "Your application is in progress." I don't know when this was changed. I just noticed it today. Did anyone experience the same thing? SDS Complete - July 29 AIP - Sept...