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    Help! Help! Help!

    you can raise a webform and submit that document
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    How soon will the results come out after the physical examination.

    Yeah can totally understand your situation, I had been there . After the sputum test it took us 8 months to get PR. I hope you get a response soon.
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    How soon will the results come out after the physical examination.

    Usually SPUTUM tests are done if they suspect TB, May be thats the reason it is causing a delay. Try ordering GCMS notes for clarification.
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    Medical exam further information

    Most of these requests are getting extended as the panel physicians are not open. You can raise a WEB form and inform them regarding your status. They will keep that in file.
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    Employment insurance for new work permit holders that not reached 650 hour Ei eligibility

    If you are laid off during your probation period, Say like 3 months after starting the job, Will you be eligbile for EI or CERB ? I am currently working from Home and my employer is pressuring me to come to work. They want my COVID test result which is still pending as per the local health care...
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    Please help me

    Dont eliminate anything. It wont affect. If you have all the documents then it wont be an issue.
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    reg Canada immigration

    Try PR directly if you have CAQ
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    medical surveillance

    Yes , You have to report , this might delay the process.
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    Medical - Ulceritive colitis

    Yes, It will be covered by your work insurance. I am not sure about remicade...
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    Medical - Ulceritive colitis

    Hi, Yes we had declared chrons during our medicals and were asked for further tests. The cost of medicine should be below the threshhold. I suggest you to hire a Lawyer who specializes in Medical Inadmissability. I would recommend Battista Immgration Law group. They are based in Toronto.
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Yes thats possible. There wont be any issues with that
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Hello Priya, What documents were asked during crossing the border ? Especially for the vehicle.
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    Which NOC code for senior executive - quality

    Yes even i was on direct pay roll stil the roles match that of NOC 1122. you can apply based on that. I received mine this year