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    Inland PNP applicants - No movement in application.

    Approaching the AOR anniversary in 18 days and the situation remains the same...no news about medical as well which expired in February. Criminality is stuck for so long that a criminal would have reformed by now. Security not even initiated. IRCC is setting new benchmarks everyday.
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    Inland PNP applicants - No movement in application.

    No one is helping these days...IRCC is God...they have taken us for granted and totally exploiting us. The entire country is up and about and only IRCC is getting stung by covid...they are spoiling the reputation of Canada by doing these cheap tactics. I will wait for sometime and will go...
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    >>>>>>>JUNE 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Even i would be interested to know...he is one of the laziest at IRCC...
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    They will just refund the rprf fee and not the processing fee. Also there will be no guarantee that cec draw will happen in the near future.
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    Jan 20 - May 20 ignored applicants

    As all our queries are falling on deaf ears and there is just no clear answer from the authorities on our applications what do you guys suggest if we stage a protest near ircc headquarters in GTA...maybe someone notices us if we are there with signs or banners. They are just taking us for a ride...
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    File at VO CIO Sydney assigned to CB01126, let’s connect here!

    Wow that is super news! At last they have woken up from their deep slumber. Let's hope they process things faster now.
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    Inland PNP applicants - No movement in application.

    Unfortunately no...I tried contacting the local MP...IRCC minister...ordered the webform...waiting for GCMS notes...everywhere the same answer its been processed wait and wait and wait....totally disappointed and frustrated with the entire process. The best part is they continue to process and...
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    Case of Forgotten Files

    Hi people from January to May Aor 2020 lets all write to the Prime Minister office to apprise him of the situation. I am posting the link and we can choose the topic of IRCC and write in about 2000 characters. https://pm.gc.ca/en/connect/contact
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    >>>>>>>>>APRIL 2020 AoR Discussion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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    >>>>>>>>>APRIL 2020 AoR Discussion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    I have sent mail to the IRCC minister..my local MP...with no help at all. Last option that i can see is to update the Prime Minister with a webform...it is there on the website and we can choose the heading as Immigration matter...lets try that and hope to get a response.
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    >>>>>>>>>APRIL 2020 AoR Discussion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    I am also in the un touchable category...sitting on recommend pass since july 20. They have amnesia about our files.
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    >>>>>>>>>APRIL 2020 AoR Discussion<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    We should demand for the refund of our fees. IRCC is delaying our applications without any proper justifications. If they are impacted from COVID then how come all recent month applications are getting processed?
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    Express entry pending since January 2020 WITH approved OINP

    I am an inland PNP with aor of 29th April 2020. On recommend pass since july 2020..biometrics given on October 22nd...no movement on file since then. They have made a complete fool of pnp candidates...took an extra CAD1500 and have put us in non priority processing with no timelines.
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    Sydney, Nova Scotia Visa Office - Let's connect here!

    Nothing for me..would be pleased if anyone has an update with this lazy monster.
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    ***>>> March 2020 AOR <<<***

    Lets make a common id...share ur ids on that..draft a mail and lets send ot to the minister...should mention aor dates and current status..suggestions welcomed.