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    Quick Question About Pre-PR Worker Status

    Awesome, I was thinking the same but I wasn't sure. They don't even ask for the permits and they have it all in the system so I figured there's no need to overcomplicate. Ty!
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    Quick Question About Pre-PR Worker Status

    Hey guys, my wife is applying for citizenship. We're pretty much all done except for the question in the application form that asks you the statuses you held prior to becoming PR. Here's the thing. For about five years prior to becoming PR, my wife had a work permit (and a student visa even...
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    Hello everyone

    No, you just need to list your work history. If anything else was needed, it would be specified in the checklist.
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    Filing taxes married jointly with spouse as dependent and no SIN

    We had the same situation (I had no SIN and wasn't working) and we called CRA and were told to put 000000000 as my SIN. Went through with no issues.
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    Implied status question

    If he goes back to the States, you will fail the basic requirement of inland sponsorship - living together in Canada during processing. If it's absolutely imperative he goes back and works there, then it'll be easier and faster to cancel the inland app and just apply outland. Americans are...
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    Implied status question

    No need to panic and definitely no need to waste money on lawyers. Implied status no longer applies as the application was returned, but an inland application can be made all the same. Valid status isn't necessary for the PR application, only the OWP one. Always send the latest updated...
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    Interview Request

    You have been posting this over and over again in multiple threads for over a week now. They clearly requested relationship proof and this is clearly a relationship interview. There's nothing ambiguous about your interview email - they listed several different examples of relationship proof...
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    Proof of living together help: Spouse sponsership/permanent residence

    I know, but trust me, it's really not that hard once you spend some time researching and getting the basics down. Just take your time, read all the guides and your checklist so you know what's expected of you. And this forum is a treasure trove, both in terms of reading old threads and coming in...
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    Proof of living together help: Spouse sponsership/permanent residence

    There are banks that will let visitors open accounts of their own without a SIN. Ours wouldn't so we went for the next best thing and made me a supplementary user. Anyone can be made one and a SIN isn't required for it. And then that one thing serves as multiple types of proof. The fact that...
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    Proof of living together help: Spouse sponsership/permanent residence

    Even if you can't open an account yourself, you can get added to your spouse's account as a supplementary user (so they issue you a supplementary credit card in your name). Even if you can't turn your utility bills into actual joint ones, you can have your name added in the address field for a...
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    Best Approach

    As @Hurlabrick said, getting married is the simplest option as it removes the one year of cohabitation requirement.
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    Got relationship interview but no update

    It doesn't matter. The system isn't always updated, and it doesn't always update all the lines. I landed and gckey was still saying in process. There's no need to rely on it 100% or to stress over a lack of updates at all. It's not a bulletproof system so always go by their official...
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    Spousal sponsorship

    She needs to submit her current valid passport.
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    Interview coming up - what to expect?

    I did my interview in Edmonton so there was no wait at all. Got my appointment scheduled even before we got the DM. I never contacted CIC for anything. Regardless, it's not something you schedule. They let you know when and where to come.
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    Wording of relationship interview {Inland}

    I don't think there's one exact kind they send out because they tend to ask for different things to be brought. Why do you need examples? Have you received a relationship interview notice? It would be easier if you just posted yours with identifying info removed so we can help with any confusion...