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    December 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    Hi all, a friend of mine December applicant has received his oath invitation right now on July 1st (Halifax NS)
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    Passport translations for test/interview?

    You can go with no translation and if the agent asks to provide one, you can do it later if not you will save $70.
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    Passport translations for test/interview?

    Hi, everything depends on the agents. They sometimes ask for the translation sometimes don't.
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    May 2018 - Citizenship Applicants

    Hi, everything depends on the number of applicants in a region. More of them means longer waiting time. Although if an applicant comes from a long distance, he/she is usually given the same day(test/oath) option. There are also exceptions that have their own path though.
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    Exam day - documents to bring

    Hi, no physical presence calculator. Just original documents e.g. passport, PR card, CoPR, language proof document, identification documents (driver licence or your health card etc.).
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    September 2018 - Citizenship Applicants

    Hi, not necessarily. You can apply for the passport as soon as your ECAS status shows 'Complete' which sometimes changes next day after the oath.
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    Citizenship Documentation Requirements

    Hi, for a single applicant the 'Birth Certificate' is not needed. Also 'Employment Letter' is not needed. What you mean about "Home Country Documentation?
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    COPR required during oath or test?

    Hi, the COPR is asked to bring to the oath ceremony no to the test and interview.
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    December 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    Hi, yes, you'll get an email with a PDF attachment.
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    Physical presence not enough! What to do?

    Hi, write an explanation letter where you can include your calculations apologize and hope the agent will not take your mistake as a misrepresentation. If the agent is going to be satisfied with your explanation withdraw and apply again in case you have required number of days spent in Canada...
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    Any Applicants From the Atlantic (NB, NS, PEI ) ?

    Hi, correct. The oaths are planned and you are in queue until your turn comes. It can take 2 weeks, but sometimes 1,2,3 or more months.
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    Question: Employment while waiting for citizenship

    Hi, you don't need to update the CIC with your employment status.
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    Any Applicants From the Atlantic (NB, NS, PEI ) ?

    Hi, when your ECAS shows 'Decision Made'.
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    Any Applicants From the Atlantic (NB, NS, PEI ) ?

    Hi, my friend was told during the interview that CIC is waiting till they gather sufficient number of people in order to hold the ceremony.
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    july 2018, Citizen Application.

    Hi, the fingerprints are not for all applicants.