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    10 months ago means Aug 2019?
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    Visitor visa

    9000 is good enough for us weeks, however travel history is not strong.
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    Visitor Visa and Student Visa

    Please wait for TRV decision.
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    Yes in Mar 20 no update yet.
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    Processing time for TRV due to Covid 19 ??

    I too applied from UAE on 19th Mar, no updates yet.
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    Does embassy process TRV Online applications

    It's more than 2 months I am still waiting.
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    Chances of getting multiple entry visitor visa without family invitation

    You have travel history? Like EU, UK, US etc? Than book hotel and make some day to day Itinerary.
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    Canada Tourist Visa from Dubai.

    My travel plan is from 4th Jul 20 Flight and hotel booking, obviously I will not be travelling due to COVID, my Visa is still under process If I cancel my bookings will it impact my application?
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    Canada Tourist Visa from Dubai.

    Should I go ahead with web form as it is more than 60 days now.
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    Canada Tourist Visa.

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    Canada Tourist Visa.

    Ok for me its reduced to 25 days and status is submitted.
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    Canada Tourist Visa.

    Hi what is the status of your application on CIC?
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    Canada TRV online visa re-applied same day after rejaction.

    Hi just a query as you said positive response after status changed to submitted otherwise it remains Updated? Regards
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    Canada Tourist Visa from Dubai.

    One my friend got it after 70 days so will wait for another week. Thanks.
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    Canada Tourist Visa from Dubai.

    Thank you friend.