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    New Language Testing Option for CEC (CELPIP)

    celpip general s somehow easy than ielts, as i appeared both exam. It is easy , only three hours, redult is faster than IELTS, booking days are convenient on Saturday, less students in one test, and off course cost effective. Nekeol
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    CPA Canada

    visit CPAcanada and go for the international trained professional and then CA india and CA pakistan has a special agreement with CPA canada. ur CA is recognized other than u have to pass final exam and few other related to canadian taxation and business laws
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    CPA Canada

    Member of an Accounting Body Outside Canada If you are a member in good standing with an accounting body outside Canada you may be eligible to register with CPA Ontario as a student. Registration Eligibility In order to qualify for student registration you must be a member in good standing...
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    CPA Canada

    reqgular WES assessment is for immigration purposes so that is not accepted by CPA, only subject to subject and paper to paper WES evalutation is accepted for the CPA and universities admission in Canada
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    CPA Canada

    Subject to subject WES evaluation is required to claim exemptions from CPA canada
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    CPA Canada

    for CPA canada internationally trained accountants must visit this page for cpa ontario
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    IELTS for Canadian Citizenship

    hi i want to apply for citizenship in December 2017 i want to use my IELTS which i used for my immigration 4 years before in 2013 or 2014. is it OK to use that old IELTS score for me? my wife has completed LINC course from community settlement organization, can i use that LINC English...
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    Ontario address for PR

    Free address services for the new immigrants in Ontario.
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    Ontario address for PR

    Anyone landing in Ontario, having problem of address for PR, kindly contact me or PM me, I am living in Kitchener, Ontario and I can help for free, for the delivery of resident card or any correspondences.
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    HST credit

    Yeah, he will get letter from CRA for the audit of residency, then if he failed to prove his residencey in canada, he will get letter to refund his HST or any other credits etc
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    Latest CAIPS / GCMS notes forms and how to order?

    they hide some information because they dont want to disclose at this moment. you can search canada law for the private information. do you have any of your relative in canada? dont worry it is not a big issue.
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    'Medical results have been received' and Waiting for PPR

    kindly read this and your Canada exam doctor can guide you as well
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    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    with combine account also arrange percentage of holding / ownership such as if $10,000 and holding % is 50 50 then $5000 will stay with your husband big deposit dons not effect your process but try to keep always more than LICO in your account
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    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    for the first time it is ok but keep lico balance for future in your account
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    Background Checks -EXPLAINED >>>

    both or any of them