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    Prepaid sim card with 3G data

    bell is gud too
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    Which Bank to use?

    TD is ok
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    Bringing over laptop or desktop ?

    definitely a laptop :D
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    HTC explorer work in canada???

    hi unlocked htc explorer will work in canada
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    hi try luftansa code shared with air canada,go to rostamani and check with mr santosh rego he is kind and very helpful hope this helps
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    first landing same province?

    house rental in oshawa hi quorax i need a house on rent on an urgent base we have just come and r finding it hard to find one can u help? or guide us feeling helpless and lonely god wl bless u as ur experience and advice has provided us much wanted support tanx
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    Short Stay Furnished Appartment in Calgary

    hi i dd the same;i stayed at a motel RED CARPET INN in NW Calgary,The owner is flkexible with the rates and the SAFEWAY is very closeby to carry on with ur kitchen in the room .Housekeeping is good also.Try to google and get this motel.Hope this helps
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    Temporary Accommodation

    hi u can try RED CARPET INN this is a good motel where the owner is very flexible and helpful.It is in NW CALGARY.Hope this helps.
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    Housing required in oshawa----help urgent

    hi seniors we are newcomers to oshawa looking for a house for rent.we are 3 adults in the of now we have no employment or we know noone here.PLEASE HELP US TO RENT A HOME TO START,we are feeling so depressed as we are living in a hotel.QUORAX PL HELP ALSO OTHERS PL HELP GOD BLESS U ALL...