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    Secondary Review Petition

    Hi Guys Could you please advise what was the outcome of your petition as I am also waiting for my PR card since november 2015. CIC received my application for a permanent resident card on November 2, 2015. CIC sent me correspondence acknowledging receipt of my application(s) on February 21...
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    Hi all, I applied for the pr card renewal in last week of October 2015 and still waiting for the pr card :( Application Received ----------------------- November 2 2015 AOR In Email---------------------------------February 21 2016 Started Processing application--------------February 22 2016...
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    Mpnp Application Batch 2015

    For the MPNP Under EOI there is content named " Manitoba Demand" What does it mean? Does my employment has anything to do under this demand, where I can find if my profesion is in demand in Manitoba or not? How do I qualify for these 500 points? Right now I am Indian Citizen working in...
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    can i courier passport internationally? by fedex/dhl

    Can I send my british passport to UK via Canadapost /DHL/ Fedex/ UPS, for PR stamp?
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    Child Sponsorship

    Hi All, Thanks for your advice @PMM, so do you mean that i dont need to send passport but only photocopy of all pages, to get PR for my daughter? And what is OP? Thanks again
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    Child Sponsorship

    Hi, Thanks for your advice @ mapleson & @schnookololy But my daughter already has british passport, the thing is CIC london, UK office is aksing me to submit her passport for PR visa stamping, My problem is that i cant travel ourside canada due to pr obligations. Is there any way I can...
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    Child Sponsorship

    Hi, Can anyone please help me?????Again.... I sponsor my two year old daughter from Canada, she is with us here on TRP. I have been informed by CIC that they have approved my daughters PR application. BUT, she born in UK, so her file has been transferred to CIC London, UK. And now have to go...
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    manitoba nomination program

    Hi there, Can anyone please help me on the following situation? I have sponsored one of my friend from UK and he has got approval, now he is saying that he will go back to UK after getting PR card and healthcard (Manitoba). Now I want to sponsor my sister from India, but somebody told me that...
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    Re-entry to Canada

    Hi All, If someone can please help (advise) on the questions below, Me and my wife have PR (which expires in December 2015)and now we are going to UK for around 1 and half month due to immigration purpose in UK. The thing is we have been in Canada since 26th October 2013, and have spent now...
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    Child Sponsorship

    Thank you very much @canuck_in_uk and @ramkris, This will help a lot, much appreciated ND
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    Child Sponsorship

    Thanks all, @ canuck_in_uk & @ ramkris Yes I applied for TRP for my daughter in UK. I received a letter from CIC UK office that a TRP has been issued for my daughter and it will be given at the time of immigration at any Canadian border by immigration officer. On the base of that letter...
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    Child Sponsorship

    Hi There, Can anyone please help me? I am a returning permanent residence, right now I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba with my wife and daughter. I need to sponsor my daughter from here. My daughter is 6 month old and have British passport. at the moment she has been granted a visitor visa upto July...
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    Temporary residence permit

    Hi scylla Thanks for quick response, yes you're right my daughter is born in UK and she has british passport. I know that british passport holder don't need any visa (if they are visiting Canada), But we all are planning to return to Canada for good, so I asked the CIC for the advice that...
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    Temporary residence permit

    Hi There, I and my wife both are permanent residence of Canada, but living in UK since last two years. I have applied for Temporary residence permit for my daughter. Its been more than a week but still haven't received even confirmation on application receipt or any file reference no from CIC...
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    query reg PR renewal

    Hi there, Thanks for your help, Much appreciated. ND