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    April 2014 Applicants

    No, it was issued when I had a legit job...
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    April 2014 Applicants

    Thank you all for your input. I agree with k2009, this must be a new approach they take to potentially speed up non-routine applications. Besides the newly issued IDs, I can only think of my status... I was a student for some time doing research. In this case my transcript didn't show any...
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    April 2014 Applicants

    CIC really confuses me. My timeline is: - CIC in NS got my application on April 4 - I got my booklet quite early, dated end of May, but in mailbox June/July - my "in process" and disappearance of "received line" took place first on August 1x. much later than of the others - same day the office...
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    March 2014 applications

    Ray, when did the processing date eventually appear in your ECAS status? I applied on April 4th, but until now I only see two lines under received: they say that they received my application on April 4th, but do not say when they started processing it. I called them today and the agent confirmed...