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    June 2019 AOR cases

    ADR - divorce certificate Visa Office - CPC - Ottawa
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    June 2019 AOR cases

    no, I am a single applicant. Thank you!
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    June 2019 AOR cases

    Updates: CEC (Inland) ITA: 17 April 2019 AOR: 08 June 2019 RPRF: 20 July 2019 MEP: 22 July 2019 ADR: 22 July 2019 PPR: 20 August 2019
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    June 2019 AOR cases

    MEP: 19 July 2019 RPRF request: 19 July 2019 Background check: In progress 19 July 2019 RPRF paid: 20 July 2019
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    June 2019 AOR cases

    Hi everyone, I think it would be a good idea to track our PR application status. This could give us a fair idea about the processing times at each step, or additional documents requested in our profiles. This thread is for June 2019 AORs please. My CIC application status: CEC (Inland) ITA: 17...
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    Separated from wife but no divorce. CIC asked for divorce certificate. What should I do?

    I have a question regarding the same situation. Legally separated (divorce case pending at the Indian family court). The people who got their ITA or PPR;... Could you please confirm if you provided details about your spouse as a family member in your e-APR? Thanks
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    Ontario health insurance 3 months waiting period - coverage?

    Dear all, I will be relocating to Toronto next week on a work permit (employer sponsored). Although my health/medical etc is insured by my employers, but there is a clause which reads - "effective from 3 months of continuous stay" I read about this and I understand that I will not be covered by...
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    Timeline for passport request after medicals passed

    Mine is a employer sponsored WP
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    Timeline for passport request after medicals passed

    My application showed medicals passed on 10th March Passport request was extended on 28 April i had applied with upfront medicals on Feb 3
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    LMIA application processing time?

    In my case the timelines were the following: Application submitted on Jan 5th 2017 LMIA positive on Jan 19th 2017
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    WP Application from India (LMIA and LMIA-Exempt) Let's connect

    Hi everyone, I got my passport request on Friday! cheers
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    Hi Reema, I thought you received a passport request. Correct me if i got it wrong?
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    For London - usually yes. I know that for passengers travelling to US (via London) do not need one. Not sure about Canada though. You can check through BA.
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    Medical Result Submission online WP application

    Hi ReemaSingh, Congrats! Let us know when you get your visa stamped.