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    Medical Lab Technologist, Regularized Occupation.

    I am a medical lab technologist and applying under NOC-3211. This is a regularized occupation. I do not have certification from Candian Licensing authority. I plan on getting license when I arrive in Canada. Will the immigration officials ask for license if I am applying under this category ?
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    17th Aug 2019 IELTS GT discussion

    i got this reading section on 17 august... 1section was about chose the paragraphs from A-H 2nd section was about fill ups 3rd section was about chose the relevant paragraph along with fill ups
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    17th Aug 2019 IELTS GT discussion

    anyone remember answers for reading section. 1st section about different websites 2nd section about employee complaints 3rd section about a pearl in seashell...! i am looking for answers related to this test
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    17th Aug 2019 IELTS GT discussion

    these are not answers for reading section...i am talking about general training reading section.
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    17th Aug 2019 IELTS GT discussion

    Please post reading answers too?
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    17th Aug 2019 IELTS GT discussion

    please post reading answers for general training?
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    Job bank ?

    sorry to ask the same question again but please clarify this point that is it really necessary to register with job bank while i am submitting my application
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    job bank registration fee ?