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    AOR 2019 >>>>> Pakistani Applicants

    CONGRATS, did u get any ghost updates or change in status after biometrics submission ?
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    WES Applicants from Pakistan April 2019

    I am saying this by experience because one of my my group member did pgd from abroad with me and he got his eca already.
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    WES Applicants from Pakistan April 2019

    VU is virtual teaching method not distant learning, its recognized either you do it from within pak or outside pak.
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    WES Applicants from Pakistan April 2019

    1. 2 weeks 2. No 3. 70-75 days
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    April 2019 AoR

    whats ur timeline ?
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    Has any had their 1 Year PGD from Virtual University (Pakistan) evaluated by WES?

    Yes, you should be able to claim points for Two degrees as ur bachelors is 3 yrs. Just dont get PGD ECA from IQAS. Get it from WES.
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    WES Applicants from Pakistan April 2019

    WES charges $220 CAD for all docs, CES charges $220 per credential + $90 for international courier
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    Pakistani Applicants for Express Entry, Let's Network Here

    No need of previous degree. They just need highest degree.
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    WES report upgrade from Pakistan

    Just write a simple message mentioning that you are upgrading an existing eca report , mention previous refference number and ask them to transfer all the previous docs to new refference number application. It showed me the same docs requrement so dont worry. Send them an email using contact us...