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    Quebec Immigration interview in Vienna

    french - Quebec's official language is french, so they want to see if you can get by. Their standards are low, your 'intermediate' french will get you good marks when they score it (mine did, lol!) money - they just wanted me to sign a paper saying I had it, no proof needed. But then, why...
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    Place of Destination

    do correct me if I am wrong: even if you want to come to Quebec, just land anywhere else...... once you have landed and established yourself in some other province, then you have the rights of any Canadian resident and can move to anywhere else you want to later. Not sure if that will qualify...
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    Any advice for person coming in?

    if you already have close relations here in Canada and are going to settle close to them, they are the ones who can give you the best advices, I think. If not and you are coming here without knowing a soul, I can think of a few general ones: 1. it will take more than a couple of months to...
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    applying for student visa from other Country

    As further examples, I had applied successfully in two different countries other than my country of origin (an Asian country) or my country of residence (US): 1. as a tourist in Venezuela and applying to the embassy there in Caracas. 2. as a tourist in Canada (mtl) and applying to Buffalo...
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    I have student visa,can I bring my wife to canada?

    on the student visa application form, there is provision for your wife as well, only requirement is you will have to show more money for the extra living expenses. Just download an application from the web and you will be able to see that. In short, the answer is yes.
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    interview for Quebec

    mine took about 10 months as a foreign student studying in mtl and applying in mtl. The interview was last oct/nov.
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    Which Province IS Best/Easiest

    I doubt there is a one size fit all answer - all depends on your own particular history/education/ French knowledge etc. etc. Best to research all the different requirements from each province and match your own qualifications against them.