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    Benefits to Citizenship VS. Permanent Residence?

    A significant advantage is not having to worry about deportation due to 'Serious Criminality'. Despite a very ominous wording, a simple DUI charge nowadays would potentially result in a deportation of a permanent resident, even if you didn't end up getting any jailtime (since a crime that can...
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    American Returning to Canada with expired PR card

    US citizens don't require eTA, PR cards (if PRs), or Canadian passports (if Canadian citizens) to board a commercial airline heading towards Canada. Just show up with your passport and they would let you board the plane...
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    Emotionally Drained and Angry

    Mexican citizens do not need visa to visit Canada. He can try to re-apply again for eTA (but be sure to be truthful about this deportation), and see whether he can still get it.
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    Live in WA work in BC; keep both US & Canada PR for citizenship

    1. Get a commuter green card (you must work in the US, and live in either Canada/Mexico), or re-entry permit (again, this may pose a problem when the second or third renewal comes around) 2. Apply and hopefully get Canadian citizenship (as noted, there is no intent requirement for Canadian...
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    Same salary in US and Canada - worth the move?

    Use sites like Numbeo for 'rough' cost of living comparison. I would assume that your 100 USD would go further in most places in the US than 100 CAD would in Vancouver. Exceptions always exist, however. In places like New York City and San Francisco, cost of living can be more than 35 to 40...
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    TN visa The TN Status section of the above link quite probably has some of the most knowledgeable people in the matter, specifically for Canadian TN aspirants. Check it out.
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    Using a canadian passport after being from US with a different passport

    There are various waivers which she can apply for, and technically, she doesn't even need to wait to become a Canadian citizen in order to apply for them. However, the process is much more streamlined for Canadian citizens, since Canadians do not need visa for most non-immigrant status, and...
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    Can a Manitoba PNP PR move and settle in another province?

    I think landing in a different province would be okay, say, if it's a transit, or a short visit or something. But admitting to the border agent that you will be working in Halifax, after trying to land as an NL nominee, that's problematic, because you need to have an intent to live in NL after...
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    Can a Manitoba PNP PR move and settle in another province?

    It would be interesting to know more of the circumstances behind his potential removal. It looks to me that he had not yet become a permanent resident, and was just about to land, and he informed CBSA that he would working in Halifax, even though his PR was based on NL PNP. In such cases, I...
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    Who-accompanied-whom can matter for PRs living with citizen spouse abroad: UPDATE

    You would also find it very fascinating that the USCIS includes green card holders in its definition of foreign national Whereas IRCC is VERY clear that it does not consider Canadian permanent residents as foreign nationals
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    Benefits and drawbacks of Canadian Citizenship

    There is no citizenship based taxation for Canadian citizens, so in that sense, there should not be any drawbacks. Maybe if you are planning to become a Canadian or a US politician, they would make you renounce for optics purposes, but I sense that this is not what you're planning to do. While...
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    Permanent Residence 2 Year Obligation

    There was a discussion on precisely this issue several months ago. I suggest you take a look at the discussion from that thread:
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    Applying citizenship with younger brother

    I believe it's possible. Assuming your minor brother has satisfied the physical presence requirements on his own, then he should be able to apply for citizenship under Subsection 5(1)...
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    Are these people inadmissible?

    Your foreign national friend is definitely inadmissible. Your PR friend might or might not be inadmissible, because, as Buletruck said, it would also depend on the maximum possible sentence that he can potentially get. Even if he's only sentenced for 5 months, if the maximum sentence is 10...
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    Are these people inadmissible?

    PRs and foreign nationals have different standards for inadmissibility due to criminality. I believe foreign nations are inadmissible due to both criminality and serious criminality, whereas PRs would only be considered inadmissible for serious criminality. For details (straight out of...