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    Dear Calgarians Anyone would like to suggest good public elementary school in calgary? thanks
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    Dear Calgarians Anyone would like to suggest good public elementary school in calgary? thanks
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    preparing to land........have doubt.

    Dear friends 1.Please tell me how many photo for each jewellery needed- 1 or 2 each. 2.Should we have to fill PR form online or hand-written? Thanks
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    where to find cheap or social houses for a newcomer (PR)to Calgary?

    Hi Steaky, I want to clarify that can we get room in universities and colleges,without being a student? How we can approach & how long can we rent? I am in the same process,landing to calgary in last week of march alone,looking for shared ,affordable room. Thanks
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    which jacket,shoes for calgary!!!

    come on experts,lets share
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    Average monthly living expenses in Calgary???

    Dear Lovely20 I am landing in calgary in last week of march,2012.Can you please help me in getting a single room initially as my family will come later.I am an indian. your help will be appreciated.
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    which jacket,shoes for calgary!!!

    Friends, Soon I am landing to calgary from INDIA,I don't have any idea about calgary climate deeply,no friends/relatives.Please anyone can guide me which jacket & shoes/socks should I buy for me & my family to survive calgary winters. Additionally,can we take DISHTV setup box from India or we...
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    Please guide on issues of landing

    Dear friends Already your valuable input is available on this forum still I have some querry,please anyone can guide- As I am soon landing alone & my family will follow me after some time.Hence, should I have to include all items which I am carrying plus items which my wife will bring after a...
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    3152 Registered Nurse category

    Re: Registered Nurse category
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    Need advice regarding kids schooling matter

    Dear esteemed forumers Please can anyone tell me that for admission in canadian schools,is progress report from previous school is needed? or admission can be given without any credentials! my daughter is in grade 1,she will not finish her grade1 final exams & I want to admit her there in gr2,is...