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    Ray of Hope - 140th Draw

    Taking into account the current situation and travel restrictions, it makes perfect sense to focus on people who are currently in Canada, and I'm guessing the vast majority of CEC applicants are.
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    COPR and coronavirus

    Don't be ridiculous. You can't sue a country for imposing travel restrictions.
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    COPR and coronavirus

    The restrictions become effective on Wednesday.
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    Ray of Hope - 138th Draw

    Well, too bad. Canada does not owe anyone anything. Everyone gets awarded points based on a set criteria that's as objective as it can be. Everything else is a matter of supply and demand. It's unfortunate that not everyone will get in, but that wasn't the point in the first place. Express Entry...
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    Ray of Hope - 136th Draw

    I do apologize, I thought your post was about Canada. I don't have personal experience with immigrating to Australia, but I do know their economy has been doing exceptionally well. At the same time, there seems to still be a lot of racism in the country from what I've heard, in addition to them...
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    Ray of Hope - 136th Draw

    Wow, so bleak and cynical. It sounds as if people who are coming to Canada are like bison running off a cliff to their doom. Canada has a robust and transparent immigration system that's fairly efficient and affordable enough. They also don't ask you to go live in some rural area (like...
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    Ray of Hope - 133rd Draw

    You sound very bitter and negative, I sure hope you don't live in Canada with that kind of whiny attitude because it would truly make no sense. I have several friends and colleagues who are from the US, the UK, Ireland, Japan etc. who left their families and (in the case of the US) better...
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    Ray of Hope - 133rd Draw

    I sounds like they spoiled you and now you're demanding too much. None of that information would help you to get PR in the slightest. Either improve your score whichever way you can or find something else to focus on while you wait.
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    Ray of Hope - 129th Draw

    A very desirable joke it seems ;)
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    Ray of Hope - 126th Draw

    Oh yes, the conniving CIC and their diabolic plans to ruin people's lives.
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    Ray of hope 122th draw

    Rumors are idiotic, the Conservatives didn't say anything about abolishing Express Entry. It's an online application system, why would they stop it and what would they replace it with? Paper submissions? Ridiculous. What they could do, if they win of course, is lower the yearly intake numbers...
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    Ray of Hope - 121st Draw

    5 years, wow, that makes the easiness of being kicked out even worse! What good are the quality of life and salaries when you have to leave it all behind and have no security whatsoever... I honestly hope you find a way to stay in the US and leave your Canadian spot to someone who actually...
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    Ray of Hope - 121st Draw

    How can you prefer a country that is ready to kick you out so easily, after 2+ years of living there?
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    Immigrant Visa Expiration Date

    You have to land before or on September 4, that's all you have to worry about at this point.
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    Ray of Hope - 121st Draw

    You will very likely be invited in the next draw since you're only one point below the current threshold. You got plenty of time as well, so I wouldn't be worried :)