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    Spouse Open Work Permit

    Can you explain the wrong answer in the questionnaire and what the correct answer should be for a spouse of international student.
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    Spouse Open Work permit

    Looking for advice. For context I'm an American and my spouse is Indian. I'm starting my master degree at UVic next month and will be applying again for my spouses open work permit. We applied together last year and he was refused under section 205(c)(ii) and not convinced he would leave based...
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    Updating IRCC about deferment?

    If your family already has their visas, I don't think you would need to update them. Many people defer and don't update. But you will have to have a good reason why you are deferring when at the port of entry, since you already have your visa in September. I received mine 6 days before classes...
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    Can I go to Canada using the student visa if I haven't enrolled?

    My letter from IRCC says don't enter Canada before 3 weeks. If you arrive in October, they could send you back home and tell you to come back in December. I wouldn't risk it.
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    Updating IRCC about deferment?

    Hello everyone. I received my SP for Sept. 2019 intake, but decided to defer intake until Jan. 2020. I'm currently on the waitlist for enrollment in my classes and my school is confident that I'll get the official registration letter by December. I wouldn't normally update IRCC, but my...
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    Study Permit + Admission Deferral + Re-applying

    What did you decide to do? Did you contact CIC to let them know? On my SP it says don't enter the country before 3 weeks. I've seen a few say that they weren't allowed entry and had to return home only to come back later. Also when was your medical done? Since it's only valid for a year, you...
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    Inland applicant...lost passport

    Hello @Mr. Cool. What happened with your wife's application/new passport? My husband has a pending work permit in process right now, but needs to get a new passport with my name on it so that I can get a new Indian visa. We were going to apply for a re-issue of the passport, but not sure how CIC...
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    Spouse Open Work permit

    Where is it processing? Did your spouse start her classes? I deferred until next year.
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    Students for September 2019 intake

    Anyone else having trouble logging into gckey?
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    Students for September 2019 intake

    I'm a US citizen and it took me over 3 months to get my study permit, so not sure how much that matters.
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    Spouse Open Work Permit for International Student 2019/

    So strange. Mine is just the opposite. I got my study permit approval, also on August 23rd, but still waiting for my husbands OWP. You both got correspondence letters? Or were they both for her application?
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    Spouse Open Work Permit for International Student 2019/

    How can we show proof that it is a real marriage? I submitted our marriage certificate and about 10 photos from the last two years since we started dating. We just got married in February and applied in May. We have a large age gap and I'm a US citizen and he is Indian, so I'm worried they may...
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    After biometrics for spousal open work permit

    Glad to find others with similar situations. I applied for a study permit and my spouses owp on May 14th. My permit was approved Aug. 26th, but no update on his, just biometrics updated.
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    Students for September 2019 intake

    I would assume you'd receive it anywhere from a few hours up to a week from now.
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    Study Permit with Spouse Open Work Permit Dilemma

    @Udee, Can you tell me what immigration website said it should be at least one year? And the link if you have it.