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    COPR :: last entry, original entry, last entry at are BLANK

    Officer put correct dates on CoPRs for me and my family members. She also returned all our work permits.
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    Apply for BOWP or Not? July 2013 Applicant Cur WP expire May 30 ADVICE NEEDED!!

    CBSA Officer will have all your information regarding CIC at the moment of landing...
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    How long does it take for passport stamping and COPR?

    For me it took a week to send passports and get it back. It might slightly vary depending on weekend, holidays, etc.
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    TRV to be applied followed by BOWP?

    You will get a single entry IM type visa after you will send passports to Ottawa after Passport Request. You will need TRV only if you travelling to Canada not from US or "adjacent" territories.
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    No NOA but T4 and Pay stubs

    Non resident means you don't reside in Canada for 183 (I believe consecutive days) i.e. living abroad, so you are clearly not a Canadian Tax Resident. I had NETFILEd my taxes this year (for second time, while being temporary worker) without any hiccup so far.
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    September 2013 Applications

    As following document says you should be able to came back to Canada from US, even with expired Temporary Resident Visa, if your Work Permit is still valid...
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    September 2013 Applications

    I believe you need to touch CBP on US side in order to complete landing process. They will issue you administrative refusal which states that you had been refused to enter US in order to complete landing process in Canada.
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    It might be less based on validity of your current passport.
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    PPR request when moved to US from Canada

    as PPR message says If you or any of your family members are residing outside North America and you are unable to send your/their passport(s) to Canada and/or to provide a return mailing address in North America, contact us at so that we can make arrangements to print...
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    lmo and expired work permit And it says: TFWs are asked to keep thorough records to clearly document the time they have spent working in Canada. The worker must be able to provide to the CIC or CBSA officer documents that prove there were...
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    Refused Claiming no communication on e-medical

    It might be worth to have receipts for all medical examinations handy. As well as all communications to and from CIC...
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    Open Work "Bridging" Permit Concerns

    I believe you can actually enter Canada with expired TRV, but you need to come from US and some other "adjacent" territories, and, I presume, you should enter by land, not by plane. And, of course, you need a proof that you allowed to continue staying in Canada (I presume work permit with later...
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    US Visa application

    Does it explain your situation? I believe that valid WP means that your approved stay is not expired yet. From my point of view, it might be good idea to ask about letter of employment shortly before you leave Canada for training...
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    July 2013 Applicants Join here

    I believe they should let you in anyway as you are already Permanent Resident. IIRC, it is not an option for CBSA Officer not to let you in. Theoretically, you can "walk" to you home from land border and there is no law that "prohibit" you from doing it... :)
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    July 2013 Applicants Join here

    No, I live in GTA. I sent passports on Friday, they were delivered to CIC on Monday and Monday is date printed on Immigrant visas as well. Then I've received passports back on Thursday