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    Address we need to submit proof?

    ? dont understand the question.
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    Renewal and minimum validity of passport required

    1. yes 2. no 3. maybe, for verification 4. yes. need to inform CiC thru webform of new passport details as soon as you have it. 5. > 6 months at the time of sending for visa stamping.
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    Adding Spouse after COPR

    you mean PPR and not COPR? because for COPR you would have sent your passport for processing. raise a webform and inform CiC. no negative impact except delays/
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    Police clearance

    yes you would need to mention it
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    Can i use an Indian Visa Debit card to pay Canada Pr fees.?

    you can only use a canadian debit card not an indian one. payment from outside canada has to be made using credit card, its ok if its not in your name (i.e. use someone else's credit card)
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    Question about Settlement Funds

    no red flags. but best to include an LOE in your application detailing the same.
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    Statutory Question - COVID 19

    no. this situation does not count as refusal.
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    URGENT WES QUERY - Please help

    unfotunately wont be evaluated as masters. have you tried confirming on the wes site already?
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    ***Have to re-submit photo for PR card but waiting for a card abroad***

    yes regular canada post comes with a tracking number. although its almost never updated. i have received confirmation messages days after the package has been delivered.
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    Reference Letter

    not necessarily. check with other agencies -- IQAS or ICES
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    Got PR without work experience reference letter?

    please send me a DM if you still need it
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    Reference Letter

    90% of the duties if its for a previous job its fine, only current one has to be recent