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    Processing times (application taking almost 3 months)

    What is Background check status ?
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    My Canada visa refused with invitation letter

    Sorry to hear about your refusal. order your GCMS notes, get to know the actual reason of VO. Invitation from Canadian host isn't a enough proof that you will leave Canada after finish your trip . you need to demonstrate ties with your home country.
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    My TRV - New Message, what does it mean?

    Congratulation your visa has been approved :) when did you applied ? Share your profile on this forum that could be helpful for other applicants . Cheers.
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    Visitor visa applied offline in vfs Jalandhar

    You should check on CIC website for get to know the processing time for India.
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    Visitor Visa

    Have you traveled before visa required countries ? Are you married ? Do you have property/house/land on your name ? Are you employed/or running business ?
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    Visitor Visa

    :D:D Depend upon Time & luck
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    Tourist Visa Rejected 3 times

    Try to travel more countries before apply to Canada ,thrice refusal it seems that you are desperate to move Canada. you are still single at the stage of 30 years make no sense of strong Family ties + your permit is on temporary based.
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    bryanna help please

    Sorry. What you mean ?
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    I will get it :)
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    Australia visa??
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    I heard having a Australia visa is much helpful for getting Canadian TRV
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    Have you been ever in Australia?
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    You got it before Canada visa or after ?
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    Do you have US visa ?
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    But fortunately they didn’t give me ban :)