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    Background check -- when

    HI, I don't come on here too often anymore, but happened to see your post. We had a rather long and drawn out process with our application but did get through it after 14 months. They started our background check right before our file was transferred to Mexico and we saw it in our GCKey...
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    PR card wait times.

    My partner landed on May 12 and he still has not received his PR card yet. I think it's time to call, because it's past the 2 month mark.
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    Visiting the Embassy

    From our own experience, when we went to the Canadian embassy in Argentina for our interview, you had to go through security (have your bag(s) scanned like at the airport) and then they would let you inside. You had to tell the security officer why you were there also. If you tell them that...
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    Outland Spousal Sponsorship 2016- still waiting! anyone else?

    Our application took 14 months to approve and I thought that was bad enough as they "forgot" to ask us for partner's RCMP fingerprint report and then when I asked them if they wanted it then they gave us a 4 month deadline to submit and even though we submitted the report 4 or 5 days later, they...
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    Frustrated June 2016 Applicant

    My partner received his coPR in March after he had his interview and landed last week. I suppose you applied inland since you have a work permit? Since it has been about 1.5 years for you, have you gone to see your MP yet or ordered GCMS notes lately? Although they cannot actually expedite...
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    Congratutlations!!!!!! So happy to hear you news!
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    My partner landed 2 days ago. It still doesn't seem quite real that he is here to stay. However, I'm sure it will sink in soon. Thank you to all who provided support and advice ... it really helped to get through this long and emotional journey! And to those of you who are still waiting...
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    I think applicants from Peru are being processed through the VO in Mexico. Your application will stay in Mexico until it is finished being processed in all likelihood. Good luck and hopefully have a speedy processing timeline!
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    I also agree that it is most likely the PPR. It has been a long road for you guys! It should be the final step(s) before your hubby can land!
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    So happy to hear this! You'll get PPR soon!
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    That would be so great! Hopefully will hear of some good news on your end soon!
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    Mexico We had an interview also in March after 14 months of waiting. If you scroll down on this page in the above link, you can read our story. Know what your red flags are, and prepare to answer questions...
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    Thanks so much for the info! Happy all is well with you guys! Enjoy your summer together! :)
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    That is so awesome they actually called you ... I think that is a really positive sign and you must be on a high hearing the news from someone working on your file! I understand you being cautiously optimistic. I didn't believe it was ever going to happen until I actually saw the coPR in...
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    Hope your husband is settling into family life now! I wonder if I can ask you a question about the landing process at Pearson Airport in Toronto? My partner is landing on Friday night this week. When he goes through customs, does he have to go through those kiosks before talking to the agent...