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    Pregnant during Spousal visa application.

    I’m sure there’s a health coverage or an insurance company for those in a similar situation to I. As I would not be able to work if I am heavily pregnant etc.
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    Pregnant during Spousal visa application.

    I applied for the inland process & we will be be staying in Ontario. Please inform, me on what I would need to do to get health care coverage s now the visa process typically takes 12 months due to COVID and my due date is November. I am quite worried now.
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    Pregnant during Spousal visa application.

    My husband has applied for my sponsorship. I am a U.K. citizen. However I wil be staying with him whilst the application has undergone. I am now pregnant, and would like to give birth in Canada. I also need my medical care in Canada I will be accepted for an open permit visa but does that...
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    Spousal sponsorship problem U.K. TO CA

    Hi, we are currently I. Our visa process but don’t know where to get an accurate answer if our nikkah marriage license issued from mosque in London is accepted to use. We are now having to delay as we can’t find an answer or what to do? many advice if we can use that document? And then send...
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    Starting a business and migrating to Canada

    My mum has decided to to move to Canada, as she will have a lot of money due to selling of her house And other assess that would enable her to open a restaurant and buy a house and be able to work from that as well as savings, she is nearly 50. As she can’t go through the skilled worker visa due...
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    Sponsoring a parent

    my husband will be sponsoring me with spousal visa, I’m a British citizen. After how long will I be able to sponsor my mum to come to Canada who is also a British citizen? Once I get sponsored I will eventually become a PR. It states that once you become a PR you’re able to sponsor a parent or...
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    Nikkah certificate U.K. to Canada spousal visa

    My husband and I married in U.K with a religious ceremony only, a nikkah. Is that enough to show we are married as we purchased the certificate etc? He is a citizen of Canada. We want to start the process now but not sure if we have to also have a civil legal marriage too.